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    • I am a satellite installation supervisor. I have ran into this too many times. The Samsung TV is the problem. The newer models use voltage to communicate with the surround sound systems so when the tv is turned on the surround automatically comes on. We teach our techs not to hook up to the HDMI1 slot. Most TV's that have this feature use HDMI1. I dealt with the issue today and it was a Samsung causing the issue. It actually fried the receiver. Hope this helps.

    • I deal with this issue everyday as a senior technicians for a big cable company. Voltage will cause tilling, box reboots, modem reboots in another room, missed recordings, ect ect. The reason it attacks the cable boxes is because the coax acts as the ground source since by law it must be grounded. We techs cannot fix it but there is a way to divert the voltage. What you need first is to verify that the power outlet is connected properly. The fast way is to buy a 5 dollar polarity tester. What you are looking for is that you have a proper ground and the right polarity. Next you will need a grounded power strip with the two coax tips on it (the one with the three prongs and the two tips that look like where the cable connects to the back of the tv). Third you will need a piece of coax cable. Not that cheap stuff, just as a cable guy for a jumper.<br><br>
      So what we are trying to do is give the voltage the path of least resistance. So you plug in the power strip to the working power outlet. Next you take the coax cable and screw it in the back of the tv on one end and the other to the power striptips. It does not matter if its the in or out but let's use the in. That's it. If you check it before and after you will notice the voltage gone.<br><br>
      Now, not all power strips are created equal so some may work some may not. We started to test some on the field and when I can I will update you guys.
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    This was exactly my issue as these guys stated above.
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    so, what was your solution ?
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    Make sure you know that I am not an electrical person.
    How can you have 33 vac and 29 vdc on the same line at the same time ?
    Don't the swm 16s use a 29 vdc power inserter and possibly the new HR54 ?

    This situation is all very interesting.
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    How can you have 33 vac and 29 vdc on the same line at the same time ?

    Sure, it's possible.
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    Here's the corrected link:

    HDMI cable backfeeding Voltage from TV to cable Box - AVS Forum | Home Theater Discussions And Reviews

    Interesting that it is fixed by connecting a coaxial cable from the TV to the coax port on a surge protector. I guess with many newer TVs no longer using three pin grounded plugs, they lack a ground reference. Though still not sure what the deal is about the AC voltage coming over the HDMI1 connector. Is that actually deliberate or a mistake? Either way, if it is causing problems like these Samsung needs to clean up their act or they might someday add Samsung TVs causing cable boxes to burn up alongside the burning Note 7 phones and exploding washing machines! :p
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    I have one Samsung and two Vizio's doing it. All three have two prong plugs. I have an old Vizio three prong plug that is not doing it. It would be interesting if some members with new two prong tvs unhook your rg6 cable from your satellite splitter and check your center copper connector to ground and see what voltage you get!
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    Jan 17, 2016
    Thanks everyone for taking the time to try and help me out!

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