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    As it enters a big week concerning its future, satellite TV service VOOM is getting strong support inside Washington, D.C., from an unlikely source: Its customers.

    The Federal Communications Commission, which is taking public comments on EchoStar's proposed purchase of VOOM's Rainbow 1 satellite and other related assets, has received letters from VOOM subscribers about the service's fate. Cablevision, which had threatened to shut down VOOM at the end of March, is selling EchoStar the satellite and assets for $200 million.

    Jason Skipworth of Huntsville, Ala. said VOOM has a strong commitment to customers. "I also would like to remind the FCC of its past ruling on the side of increased competition and consumer choices. In my own opinion, this is clearly in the best interest of the public," he said.

    Hadj Mokeddem of Colorado Springs, Colo., asked the FCC to rule against the Cablevision/EchoStar transaction. "VOOM has shown national leadership in promoting high definition deployment and is the best offering in high-def programming in the world," the commenter's letter said.

    And Darryl Wilcoxson of San Antonio, Texas, said without VOOM competition would be limited for the consumer. "VOOM acts as an incentive to get satellite services to provide HDTV content. The consumer wants choice and innovation - not more of the same," he said.

    Observers said it could be another three to six months before the FCC reaches a decision on the transfer of VOOM assets to EchoStar.

    Meanwhile, Cablevision has an agreement with its chairman, Charles Dolan, to maintain VOOM through Thursday. The company and Dolan agreed earlier in the month to keep VOOM up and running while the top executive figured out how to take over the satellite TV service from the cable company.

    SkyReport - used with permission
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