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Discussion in 'VoomTalk.Com (Closed Forum)' started by Macmorn, Mar 18, 2004.

  1. Macmorn

    Macmorn New Member

    Jan 23, 2004
    Hello All:

    I was hoping someone could perhaps clue me in to possible problems I am having with my Voom system since the install (done tuesday 3/16).

    The installer spent about 6 hours doing the install, mounting both masts to the roof, wasn't the way I wanted but works I guess. He ran new wire for both OTA and the Sat.

    The OTA works great, all local channels come in fine with signal quality of 94-96 and Signal power of 46.

    The Satellite Signal quality is 13-20 with signal power of 50. The signal voltage at the box is 14 and steady, so I was told.

    Well the Voom channels are not all there, some say missing satellite and others are heavily pixelized, although channel 100(?) HDNews seems to come in ok.

    I called tech support they said solar flares may be causing the problems (unlikely I would think for 2 days) and the whole time the Dishnetwork system I installed myself 3 years ago is doing fine with signal strength of 114.

    Anyway I obviously won't be paying for this until it is fixed but the soonest they could get a technician in for a trouble call is the 27th of this month.

    Perhaps one of you may have some ideas I could try on my own? I wonder if it is a simple matter of dish pointing fine tuning or does it sound like an actual receiver problem based on the voltage strength of 14?

    Any ideas would be appreciated and thank you for reading my post.

    Good Day All,

  2. Wills77

    Wills77 Mentor

    Feb 27, 2004
    Sounds to me like it is a dish alignment problem! If your up to it, and its possible.... Turn up the volume on you TV so you can hear it on your roof! I have been installing Dish's for about 6 years and when my Voom installer showed up I already had all the cables ran, the mast was mounted. All he had to do was hook and go! Still took the gentleman about an hour and a half. Then after he left I still went back up on the roof, hooked up my signal meter and made the necessary adjustments!
  3. DigitalDude

    DigitalDude New Member

    May 25, 2004
    I just installed a Voom on my Dish 24" 61.5 with legacy LNB.
    It get great signal on Dish on all THEIR transponders, but I noticed it would not register ANY of the VOOM transponders.
    On the Voom, the Signal is very low, ~14 or so. Anyway it doesn't seem to lock on. My power signal meter along with the good signal from the other 61.5 suggest that alignment is NOT the problem. I tried both a different feed line and another LNB, still no go. Seems fishy as after a while it give the HDNEWS name on CH 100 and eventually some guide data ONLY for that channel.
    I suspect the RX is not sinking enough LNB current. Only about 150mA or so.
    My other SAT boxes usually around 300 Ma or so.
    My first box was totally DOA, no menu at all.

    Do I need to put the correct EMM # in the setup screen to get it to lock on or something? :confused:

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