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    JTIGHE Cool Member

    Jul 9, 2004
    Last Night I had the option to view ESPN HD on VOOM VS Direct TV ESPN HD side by side with the split screen option on my panny 42" HD set. (I was using the component video inputs ).

    The voom feed was about 1 secont ahead of direct tv.
    Sound on VOOM was DD 2.0 while on Direct TV was analog
    ( I am not sure ESPN actually was in DD)

    The BIG difference was in PQ

    Direct TV was FAR BETTER in Color Quality and Sharpness.
    I was supprised. I expected Voom to be better.

    I actually called the wife into the room to get her opinon on what was better and she said Direct TV also..

    I am trying to find a reason to keep voom, but am having a hard time justifying the cost
  2. Nick

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    Apr 23, 2002
    The difference you saw could be due to the settings for each of the Panny's two component inputs, or the calibration (or lack thereof). I can't say about D*, as I have E* and V*, and the PQ using component ins is comparable on my calibrated Panny 53" display.

    The only valid 1080i comparison available to me is between Discovery HD on which is on both E* and V*, which does not offer HDNet.

    Going back to my earlier post about the S-A cable HD box, the only two "HD" locals now available on local Adelphia cable are channels 10/12 out of JAX, which simulcast most of their programming except in prime time. If I hadn't known they were supposed to be in HD, I would have thought I was getting a bad analog picture - especially poor PQ for an HD offering from any provider. The direct-wired analog cable feed actually looked better than the supposed HD pic. :rolleyes:
  3. Steve5555

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    It sounds like you are not even sure if ESPN was in HD. Many of their shows are not. Compare it to DiscoveryHD. You will see a much better picture with Voom. Look at Equator also, and Rave, and Rush, and World Sports, and HDNews, and MontersHD, and BravoHD, and...compare these channels to DirecTV also.

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