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Watch Rev Al visit Charlie's home...(Video)

Discussion in 'General Satellite Discussion' started by -, Feb 1, 2002.

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    Video Press Release...

    National Action Network Video Advisory: Sharpton's National Action Network to Picket Home of EchoStar CEO

  2. Guest

    Interesting video. I would have assumed a bigger house for a billionare, but maybe I am skewed in my thinking with all those celebrity home in LA :D

    And we see that charlie has at least two dogs. Looked like a Yellow Lab and I wasn't sure about the other one (Chocolate Lab???)
  3. Guest

    It would have been really funny if the Dogs bit them :D

  4. Guest

    When I first read the subject line I thought it was a joke or something....but this was for real.
  5. Guest

    If the dogs bit, Sharpton would have been smiling to the Doctors office knowing that he would probably have had a lawsuit on his hands. And the press coverage would have been increased. Lucky those dogs seemed to be just family pets and not attack dogs.
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