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    Mar 23, 2002
    Here's the email update that went out this morning. If you didn't receive it, and would like to, PM or email me and I'll add you to the list.

    Hello everyone, and welcome to Week #5 of the DBSTalk.com Survivor:Amazon Contest.

    If you don't want to receive Survivor Contest updates via email, please email me with your user name and the email address that you use on DBSTalk. I will remove you from the email list, and you won't receive anything else via email for the remainder of the Contest from me.

    Week #5 closes tomorrow (Wednesday) night at midnight eastern time! Don't forget to vote this week!

    Bonus Poll #1 continues - if you haven't voted in it yet, do so this week!

    Bonus Poll #2 is online, and will close tomorrow night. You automatically get 1 point just for casting your vote in it, and you get 5 bonus points if you end up voting for the correct answer. This poll is a different kind of question - one which you can't find the answer for on any of the spoiler sites. This was done intentionally. You MUST vote in ALL polls, including the bonus polls, to gain all of the participation points at the end.

    Don't forget to vote - if you miss just one poll along the way, you automatically lose out on 5 bonus points at the end of the contest. For those of you that have already missed one or more polls, stay in it because you're still elligible for 15 bonus points at the end of the contest. You just won't get the full 20 bonus points.

    Everyone is still in the running - there are still more than 200 points to be awarded in this contest. If you're sitting 35 or 40 points back, you still very much have a chance at winning! Plus, there will be additional bonus polls along the way that are specifically designed to be spoiler-proof. You have to play to win, and there's no reason not to play!

    Scheduling Update:

    Due to the NCAA March Madness basketball tournament, Survivor: Amazon will air on Wednesday nights March 19th and 26th rather than in it's normal Thursday night timeslot. That means for next week and the following week (Week #6 and Week #7) all polls will close on Tuesday night at midnight eastern, rather than on Wednesday night.

    Thanks for playing, and thanks to our sponsors, Dish Depot and American Satellite & Entertainment for providing the receivers to win!

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