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Discussion in 'DIRECTV - Wireless Adapter Discussion (private)' started by redram38, Aug 14, 2008.

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    Dec 6, 2005
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    Ok If I am repeating something already said, I'm sorry. I reset the reciever I hooked the WGA into and reset the router as well. I wanted to see if that would get Network Services to pass. While the HR21 was rebooting the message that the wireless adapter was found popped up on my HR21 that was in a diff room. This HR21 is Hardwired. The message popped up on a reciever the adapter was NOT hooked to. When the HR21 finished booting up, Network was working, Fortunes was there, no Music and Photos were there and all test passed including Network Services. But as I said Music and Photos was not there anymore.
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    2nd post on this issue - it's also been reported in the other thread.

    Good test reporting!
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    I reported this in the feedback thread. I think we established that this issue is due to the way the HR2x detects the bridge.
    If one isnt using it then the other DVR sees it on the network and prompts you with the setup screen.
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    Thx for the replies and I agree GO MRV !!!!!
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    Glad someone else reported this. I installed my 600N last night downstairs on my hr21-700. Today I go upstairs and turn on my HR20-700 which is hard wired and the message popped up linksys wgn600 detected. Unfortunatley I was changing channels and it went away. I agree MRV is coming. If the dvr's can talk to each other within the network then we have to be getting close to mrv.

    My music/photos has always been there on my hr20-700 but not on my hr21-700.
    I am trying to figure out why. I have never hooked up my hr21 to my network until last night.

    I have viiv so I had to enable the mediashare device to make it work, photos/music are available now.

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