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    So, I just spent over 9 HOURS on the phone talking to every department...probably even the janitor, at ATT/DirecTV. I also spent over 3 hours using the chat feature. The problem? I signed up for service but when I did I chose the wrong county. I live on the border of two counties so when I sign up online there's a drop down box where I had to pick between two counties. I picked the wrong one by mistake so I was getting a different states local channels. You'd think this would be easy to fix right? No...it is most certainly not!

    The first chat only lasted a few minutes--the CSR said all fixed just wait about 15 minutes--awesome! 15 minutes and 24 hours later I still had the wrong locals. I go back to the chat and this time it lasted over 3 hours--they tried everything and had me resetting the boxes multiple times, nothing worked. They gave me an escalation number and told me they would get in touch with me within 24 hours.

    The next day I missed their call so I called the number back when I got home from work. This call lasted over 8 hours on it's own. 4 of those hours were spent repeating myself over and over and over to each new CSR/tech. I would explain the entire issue to them but they couldn't figure out how to fix it so they'd transfer me to another dept. I spoke with multiple CSRs, multiple tech support people, the Movers Dept, the local station dept, and finally a supervisor. One woman tried to tell me since I live on the border of two counties it's random which locals I get depending where the satellite is at the time of the install--OMG.

    The horrible thing is, whenever they switch you off to another person they ask the same questions EVERY SINGLE TIME like you're a brand new caller. They want your phone number, your name, your PIN number, a security question--EVERY TIME! Then I have to explain the entire situation AGAIN! They all say they're taking notes but each new rep I get transferred to says 'how can I help you?' and starts from scratch.

    After 9 hours I asked to be transferred to a supervisor. I tell him everything again and how nothing they tried would get their internal computer system to change to the correct county. They could change the address on my account but for whatever reason not the county. I told him at this point I'd just like to cancel and rejoin again. I simply wanted the option when I signed up to select the correct county since they couldn't seem to change it. He said sure and that he doesn't blame me--so he canceled my account and transferred me to the new service dept. I got transferred over--I explained the situation to the woman and she was just going to re-connect my account--I said NO! I have to make a whole new account. She put me on hold--half an hour later I was booted back to the main menu. After 9 hours I was utterly defeated and gave up.

    The next day I call again to get new service. I explain, again, the situation and the guy says no problem we'll get you setup. We go through the sign up process of how many TVs, credit check, yada yada yada until finally he gets to the part where he had to pick a county--I was elated! He picked the correct county....then he asked if I had a different phone number as the one I gave him is sticking with the wrong county. I give him a new number but he had me go through the ENTIRE sign up process AGAIN! Credit check, how many TVs, etc. At the end he says it went through and I got a new account number and an install date--AWESOME!

    So, I log onto DirecTV with my new credentials and tried to stream some TV and guess what--still the WRONG locals!!! At this point I was absolutely dreading calling them back--I couldn't believe such a little thing was turning into a nightmare. I called them back and said to cancel the install date--they said OK. I then had my son sign up online with his number, SS number, etc. He did that, picked the correct county, and voila! everything went smooth. Got an install date and the correct locals were showing up!

    So I send all the brand new equipment back and wait for the installer. He shows up (same installer) and he's like what happened? I explained the deal, he told me how ATT stinks and installed the boxes. This time he put in refurbished units but I don't even care as long as they work. 3 day later the same installer shows up for the 3rd time and he's like what the heck is going on!? I say I have no idea. Turns out the rep never really cancelled the other install. The installer wanted to just put the new boxes in but I said absolutely not! So he left without installing anything.

    A few days later I get 2 bills from ATT/DirecTV. One is over 4 hundred smackaroos for an early cancellation fee, the other is the normal bill for the new account. I call them up, explain the entire situation again--the CSR puts me on hold, comes back and says they have to transfer me to the loyalty dept as she can't help me. Okie dokie. So she transfers me, I have to explain everything again--he puts me on hold to talk to his supervisor. He comes back and said they shouldn't have issued an ETF, just simply merge the accounts or something like that. In the end he waived the ETF and all is right in the world.

    Now a few days after the bills arrive I get a letter saying congrats! I'm entitled to a $100 VISA card. It's supposed to be $200. Do I have the stamina to call them yet again? I haven't decided yet.

    Welcome to DirecTV/ATT!
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    You gotta love those pesky lines they draw on a map and all the mischief they create.
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    Have you refreshed your service so that it updates the smart cards in the receivers ?
    What does “refreshing service” mean?

    This is the customer loyalty department, have you talked to them ?
    Call the 800-824-9077 number and tell them about this.
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    I dont think selecting the county has any impact on how the locals are set up... it is all address driven
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    The original poster should go here and see what it shows even if he puts the right county in. If it shows different local channels, then keep after it. Let us know if there is a difference.

    Local/Network Channel Availability | DIRECTV
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    It can make a difference. My town is on the county line, but some of the addresses on the border are for the town north, which is a different county, even though they are really in my town.
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    Jun 29, 2009
    Normally you put your address in and you get what you get for locals. Since I'm right on the border between two counties selecting which county makes all the difference. One county gives me NY locals, the other county gives me PA locals--even though both counties are in PA (crazy right?).

    Now that I canceled the original account and made a new one with the correct county everything is great and I get the right locals. It was just the process of getting this done that was kind of crazy--I think I was transferred to every dept. at DirecTV/ATT, probably even spoke with the janitor. (Customer Loyalty Dept were the ones who finally helped me out).

    At least we got a good laugh at having the same installer show up 3 times in a week--told him I'm gonna have to start charging him rent. :D

    Needless to say I'm not a fan of these corporate mergers.
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    Mar 19, 2015
    I asked my friend that has been in the loyalty department for 5 years. He was hired on pre-merger and explained to me in 95% of cases where an address could fall between two different counties that it doesn't matter. There are the few that live along county lines where each county is served by a different DMA and the county the system selects can impact which market a customer can receive. He gave me a recent example of a Illinois zip code 61068 that falls within 3 different counties.

    If the system determines the customer is in Olge or Lee county then they get the Rockford, IL DMA locals. If the system determines the customer is in De Kalb county then they get the Chicago, IL DMA locals. In most cases the system won't let the CSR chose the county but for those on the fringe, in some cases, it will populate with "possible options" which will allow the CSR to pick a county which can determine the DMA the customer receives.

    Technical is mostly oblivious to this because the "county" listed on the account is more of a billing issue to them. Billing is also oblivious to this because they think wrong locals are a technical issue to them. For Loyalty agents while troubleshooting wrong locals they will also confirm the address is correct including the county. When they are confirming the correct county with the customer they will double check the tool to see which county gets what locals which is why the issue typically gets resolved there he said.

    He said if you go to the website without logging into your account you can select the guide and enter a zip code. If the zip code falls in multiple counties it will ask you to confirm the county. There you can determine if the county is the reason your not getting the locals you think you should get since that pulls up the same results as the local availability tool that CSRs have available to them.
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    If you do this last paragraph, you need to delete cookies on your machine or it will already be using the previous time that you went there and the county will already be in the cookie.
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    Jul 21, 2008
    does that also pick RSN's and blackout rules (for stuff on OTA channels) ?
  11. techguy88

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    Mar 19, 2015
    He wasn't exactly sure if counties played into blackouts with OTA channels. He said he hasn't seen that before. He has seen some zip codes inside a DMA be blacked out while some were not.

    Counties have no impact on RSNs just Zip Codes. However some zip codes can get an extra RSN or two depending on the package.

    Like my area in OH along the WV border for example on D* we get FS Ohio, FS Cincinnati & SportsTime Ohio as our RSNs in Choice or above. My mother's zip code in southern WV also gets these same 3 RSNs but if she has Xtra or above then she would get a 4th RSN I don't > AT&T SportsNet Pittsburgh.

    My friend also said there are some zip codes that can get an extra RSN or two (with major league games) by adding the Sports Pack to Choice.

    Here is the webpage that will tell you which RSNs you can get and what package is needed.
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