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What do you wish for this new year?

Discussion in 'General Satellite Discussion' started by -, Dec 31, 2001.

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  1. Guest

    Well, my clock just turned midnight Dec 31, 2001. 24 hours to go to the new year. What do I wish for?

    1. Bug free Dishplayer (OK, I can dream can't I?)
    2. Better PQ
    3. Continued absense of BubbleGummyBear (OK, kidding)
    4. No more threads of DBSForums vs. DBSTalk
    5. My local stations broadcasting HDTV so I can finally use the module in my model 6000.
    6. A Job when my stint is up in my current position.
    7. Better health (I turn 40 this year and my body is already failing me).
    8. Lots of visitors here to DBSTalk.

    ...and finally, A bug free Dishplayer (oops! already said that one).
  2. Guest

    Peace on Earth, goodwill towards men, even here.
  3. Guest

    no more tv station icons.
  4. Guest

    World peace.
  5. Guest

    Continuation of the Regional Sports Networks ... please do not rid 2 of my 3 RSN's I receive pro sports on. The outlook looks good ... keep negotiating!!

    Happy New Year!!!!
  6. Guest

    A little one. :)

    And a HD-PVR that will record OTA and Dish would be nice too...
  7. Guest

    Amen to that :)

    A few of mine...
    US Capturing Bin Ladin
    A safe return for all US military personal and special forces
    A sucussful E*/D* merger
    Supers live on
    IFC/WE Split
    Lotsa DVDs :D
    a 501

  8. Guest

    Good Channels, not shopping networks or channels no one requests that fill up space.
  9. Guest

    1. Osama Bin Laden is captured and Afghanistan returning to as much of a normal society as it can be.
    2. a Dish PVR501.
    3. successful Dish / DirecTV merger WITH smart decisions benefiting customers by both sides
    4. ALL of the locals for Indianapolis that are listed on Dish's webpage. About 11 or 12 to go. At least WDNI and WAV would be nice.
    5. America's Top 200 because there are so MANY channels I would like.
  10. Guest

    I'd like to see dish keep the RSN's,have both D*,E* keep bringing in more channels people want,try to keep consumres happy with thier locals, and hope someday i can get mine. if not,mpls locals for me. Happy new year to everyone.
  11. Guest

    Hmmm ok.....

    Get the site built
    Possibly build that pc PVR
    See DVD+RW in stbs for less than $500
    See Perlman release an innovative product
    Get an X-Box when it drops to $199
    See that same X-Box running a variation of MSN Explorer rather than some variation of WebTV(PUKE!)
    Get my hands on a ReplayTV 4000
    That MSN TV finally dies
    Finally see that stb from Meternet released
    Laugh that we ever argued so heatedly over a merger that never came to pass
    Never get involved with the politics between groups
    See a breakthrough in satellite broadband both in price and performance that will allow it to compete with cable
    Find a hack that will allow free PTV recording with the DP
    And last but not least....Brooke Burke naked for my birthday lol
  12. Guest

    Well I have a lot of personal ones and ones that are similar to Steven's regarding the world and our nation. Mainly I hope for an end to armed conflicts, all over the world and a greater cooperation among nations and peoples of the world. These are all far more important to me than DBS or TV, but once those are taken care of, I would like to see:

    1. Fruition of the DirecTV?Echostar merger with new services, channels and renewed excitement about DBS.

    2. The PVR 721 (which is being shown at CES this month).

    3. A "World's Top 20" package from E* where for a fee you can get a good sample of foreign channels on top of AT150.

    4. Canadian broadcast channels on E* (like on EVU).

    5. Charlie commiting to supply every possible major LIL channel with it being transparent to teh subscriber where the signal comes from (total turnkey LIL)
  13. Guest

    Heres another one for me
    The return of ESPNClassic to E*

  14. Guest

    OpenTV for my 4700 !
  15. Guest

    1. No merger
    2. No merger
    3. No merger
  16. Guest

    Logandraven, did you ever get your site built?
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