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What is Pegasus

Discussion in 'DIRECTV General Discussion' started by -, Mar 3, 2002.

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    I am a DTV sub and read in this forum and others about Pegasus. What is it?
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    To me Pegasus seems like some evil Mofia type of service. (Like something you see on the Sopranos)

    Here is my vision of how Pagasus is run... (Note NOT an actual call)

    DirecTV Rep - "Hi thanks for Calling DirecTV my name is Bob how can I help you?"

    Customer - "Hi there I want to sign up for your service"

    DirecTV Rep - "Great can you tell me where you live?"

    Customer - "I live on 192 Big Pond Road in Mudlick Kentucky"

    DirecTV - "Im sorry sir, we do not service your town, you will need to call the NRTC company for your area, which I show as Pegasus... Their Number is (800) 555-1212. Thanks for calling I wish we could help you, goodbye."

    Customer - Hmm ok I will call these Pegasus guys.... (Dialing sounds) (RING... RING...) Umm Hello this this Pegasus?.... Umm Yeah I would like to sign up for DirecTV's 39.95 special please"

    Pegasus Rep - " Sure bub... But you in Pegasus Territory that $39.95 special is gonna cost you $43.95, you got it?"

    Customer - "huh? Why is it more for the same service?"

    Pegasus Rep - "Because we control the satellites in the area bub, we charge you what we feel like bub.. ka'piche? Now if you are ready to order Ill be glad to take your credit information, and we can do business. If not then good luck and enjoy cable."

    Announcer - "Will the customer pay the fees to Pegasus and get his satellite service or will the customer call dish network and avoid Pegasus all together... For the answer and more Tune in Next time for another edition of "As the Dish Turns""

    Although in some NRTC areas the prices ARE the same as what DirecTV charges. I would like to see the NRTC go by the wayside myself. I must asmit though my thoughts of Pegasus could be all wrong, but from what I have heard I am probably on the money.
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    Thanks for the quick reply. Sounds like a raw deal for rural subs. No wonder I see so many Dish dishes in rural areas.
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    Guess what? HCI, the local Pegasus retailer in my area also sells Dish Network too.

    Karl, what may happen if there is a merger is that those Dish subs who are in the NRTC area may end up being Pegasus subs. This alone makes Pegasus drooling with anticipation of getting those Dish subs if there is a merger.
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    LOL....nice answer Scott !! :D
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    As Charlie mentioned last night, in the areas served by the NRTC they will still offer Dish Network service. This is because there is no contract in place which give NRTC areas exclusive rights to sell Dish Network programming.

    So it will be almost like the Romance Classics became Womans Entertainment on Dish Network, a new service just the same name! :)
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    According to Pegasus they will be teh exclusive provider for EITHER service after the merger. I am not saying i believe taht only that tehy said it.
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    If they are indeed gonna be the exclusive provider for either service, then that will be bad news indeed for those in the NRTC area. I would only recommend for those who are in that area to switch to cable, OTA, or BUD if Pegasus does get its way. As I have found out with my troubles with Pegasus, anything is better than doing business with those twits. As much as I do favor the merger, I would not recommend Pegasus, even to my worst enemy. My past troubles with Dish is nothing compared to my past with Pegasus.
  10. Guest

    But if someone jumped to E* now, seems like pegasus couldn't touch them...

    If I were E*, I would buy them out of their contract. Otherwise, it will be a long legal road to make them go away.
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