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What is the ONE show daily or weekly you have to watch ?

Discussion in 'TV Show Talk' started by -, Feb 26, 2002.

  1. Guest

    Right now for me its Fear Factor. :)
  2. Guest

    NYPD Blue
  3. Guest

    CNN Daybreak---no lie.
  4. Guest

    One show? I can narrow it down to 4. I really don't even have a most favorite out of the four. I make time or set up recordings for all of them and curse the Dishplayer equally when it misses any of the recordings.

    West Wing <--Love the political debating that doesn't include demeaning the RNC platform and issues every chance they get. Great balance and great stories. Still a liberal slant, but Hollywood just can't help it.

    er <---Great prime time soap under the disguise of an action show. Is Dr. Greene having a relapse of incurable brain cancer? How will Cary deal with being outed forcebly? Will Dr. Chen ever get even with Cary? Will Dr. Carter and his mother ever see eye to eye? Find out this and more on the next episode of er! :)

    Enterprise <---Okay so, I'm a trekie. So? I guess I', going to have to change my name to TPGTony!

    Judging Amy ::::Hanging head in shame and walking away:::::

    See ya
  5. Guest

    Enterprise - Yes, I'm a trekie to.

    I also get a kick out of watching Real World on MTV. That ritual though it actually bonding time between me and my 16 year old son. We like to watch it together and yell and the TV about the stupid things they do.
  6. Guest

    WWF Monday Night RAW

    Thats about it, te rest of the shows I always forget when they are on. :D I would forget when RAW is on but they give you a big hint with the name of Monday Night Raw :D

  7. Guest

    Well I remenber when "Tuesday Night Titans" moved to Monday.
  8. Guest

    None. I don't need to watch anything at least once a week. However I do check out the Newlywed Game and Hogan's Heroes as often as possible.
  9. Guest

    I'm a JAG fan... Catherine Bell is very easy on the eyes.
  10. Guest

    Limiting my choice to one, I'd have to say CSI in HD.

  11. Guest

    1. South Park
    2. Modern Marvels on History Channel
    3. Nation to Nation on History International
    4. King of Queens

    If I absolutely had to narrow it down to one show only, it'd be the Late Show with David Letterman!
  12. Guest

    Boston Public
    If WRKP in Cincinnati comes back that will leap right up there as well.
  13. Guest

    n0qcu, I gotta watch CSI, some of my buddies at work keep talking about it. Let us know about the DSL connection as well. :)
  14. Guest

    Now that it's back ... SURVIVOR at our house is a can't miss!
  15. Guest

    CSI is awsome, I use to watch it in my Business Law class but I finished that class in Jan and I always forget to watch it.
  16. Guest

    2)WWF Raw
    3)WWF Smackdown
    4)South Park
    5)Everybody Loves Raymond
    7)Red Dwarf

    If it went to one show and one show only, it's Alias.

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