What kind of dish to get?

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    [SIZE=medium]I am trying to hook up an additional dish to an outbuilding to avoid burying 200’ of coax so I can watch Directv in the shop. My dish on the house is an AU9 Slimline. I need to get another dish for the shop but I’m totally confused as to which one to get. I found a used Slimline locally for $10 but it only has one knob with 4 connectors. (My existing dish has 3 knobs with 4 connectors & a 4X8 MS for the other receivers in my home) and I’m wondering if the one knob dish would work with my DVR HR23-700. I am so confused about which dish will receive which satellites. I want to get my locals in HD and HD programming. I’m not interested in the Spanish channels.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=medium]Current setup at House:[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=medium]Directv AU9 Slimline dish w/ Zinwell 4x8 multiswitch[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=medium]1 - HR23-700 (will go to shop)[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=medium]2 - HR24-100 [/SIZE]
    [SIZE=medium]1 - HR21-100[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=medium]No SWM[/SIZE]

    Future setup in shop:
    1 HDDVR

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    The "one knob" AU9 dish is called a "Slimline-3" (SL-3) capable of receiving the 99,101, and 103 satellite positions. The "three knob" one on your house is a "Slimline-5" (SL-5) for receiving the 99. 101, 103, 110, 119 positions. The SL-3 will work just fine with an HR23-700 for all your HD channels, national and local.

    The only thing you could miss is if you have SD versions of your locals on 119 of which some do not have HD versions, you will not be able to receive them on the SL-3.

    A rarity, but can happen in some situations.

    Note: Remember to rerun the setup on the HR23 to select the SL-3 dish option so the 119 guide data will be correctly filtered out.
  3. harsh

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    For future reference, what you're calling a "knob" is known as a "feed horn".

    Be careful about putting a DVR in the shop if the shop isn't climate controlled. Extreme ambient temperatures or wide temperature swings can significantly shorten (or even end) the life of a DVR.
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    Sometimes, not always, occasionally, once in a blue moon, more often than not, maybe once in ten times, you might have to run set up a few times, the boxes seem to be a little twitchy about connecting to an SL3 after they've been connected to an SL5 for a while.
  5. HoTat2

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    Yes, and what's confusing to many is that the dish with the "single knob" is actually housing three feed horns, which if you look carefully is why its oval shaped. A larger feed horn in the center for the 101 Ku-Band, and two smaller horns, one to either side, for the 99 and 103 Ka-Band. All under the same oval shaped protective weather cap.
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    I think this would apply when going from SWM to non-SWM. not from "regular" 3 to regular 5 LNBs
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