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What other forums do you visit?

Discussion in 'Archive' started by -, Jul 31, 2001.

  1. Guest

    I like this forum but I also visit dbs forums. Both have merits of their own. Sometimes I also look at the dbs news groups.
  2. Guest

    Sounds like me - here, then dbsforums, then the newsgroups.

  3. Guest

    Usenet's Echostar newsgroup, rec.video.satellite.dbs. DBS Forums, Echostaruser forum, Sky Guide and here. It's amazing I have time to do anything else on the net!

    See ya
  4. Guest

    I know what you mean. Before I started this place I used to surf all over the net. Now I just watch this forum throughout the day and take 5 minutes for the rest of my usual net stops.

    Anyway, back to the subject at hand. I'm usually here and lurk over at DBSForums but I never post. That's mainly because I've been too lazy to register and I'd rather post any info I have on this forum for obvious reasons. I also look in at the echostar newsgroups.
  5. Guest

    Many new members have been added since this thread died, so BUMP. :)

    I visit and post at:

    I lurk but never post at:
    TiVo Community Forums


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