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What Universal Remote is everyone using with the HR20?

Discussion in 'DIRECTV HD DVR/Receiver Discussion' started by jrr4, Nov 23, 2006.

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  1. Dec 3, 2006 #61 of 155

    wtrax AllStar

    Nov 3, 2006
    I had a Harmony 659 and loved it. I dropped it on my hardwood floor from my chair maybe 2.5 feet and cracked the LCD screen. This thing is useless without the screen. I just orderd the 880 today from JR.com $159.99 and free shipping. Plus $25 rebate. $134.99 to my door after rebate.
  2. Dec 3, 2006 #62 of 155

    Reggie3 DBSTalk Club Member

    Feb 20, 2006
    It was my remote of choice too - till I got my Harmony 880 (I got it for US$118 by following slickdeals when they saw the Dell coupons). I could never go with anything else now.

    The recharging is great and size is better.
  3. Dec 3, 2006 #63 of 155

    barryr Mentor

    Sep 28, 2006
    Another vote for this Harmony beauty. Don't miss the opportunity to fix the two-steps-to-Guide problem, or to change the length of the Skip keys.
  4. Dec 3, 2006 #64 of 155

    mgrimse Cool Member

    Oct 5, 2006
    I'd like to get a universal remote as well. I just read this and couldn't tell who is using RF and who IR.

    I can't seem to get my pioneer vsx-84 to work with the hr20 remote when in 'directv' mode. I can in av1 mode, I'm just lazy and won't be able to convince my wife to slide the switch each time volume needs to change. Which would be best for RF on the HR20 and maybe IR for TV and receiver? any suggestions would help. I guess programming via PC/USB would be nice, backlit, RF for the HR20, and LCD is optional. I think the optimal remote would have intuitive key layout for the 6 buttons on the top of the HR20, play, pause, FF, Rev, 5-sec rev, and 30-sec slip. I would suspect the guide/list options (4-way, red, green, yellow, and select) would be right up there.

    I'm new to these U-remotes so I'm not sure even where to look. Any help would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.
  5. Dec 3, 2006 #65 of 155

    bidger Hall Of Fame

    Nov 19, 2005
    Home Theater Master MX-600.
  6. Dec 3, 2006 #66 of 155

    PLamarine Cool Member

    Dec 3, 2006
    I have two of these, and for the money these remotes cannot be beat. LCD readout, backlit, programmable via computer and JP1. Good size buttons, great layout.
  7. Dec 3, 2006 #67 of 155

    Edmund Remote Master

    Apr 17, 2003
    Southern Ca
    To get the pioneer vol in the dtv device: With a TV code programmed to the tv device, then:

    1. av1
    2. press and hold MUTE & SELECT for two blinks
    3. enter 9-9-3
    4. press SELECT
  8. Dec 3, 2006 #68 of 155

    O2BRich Legend

    Nov 8, 2006
    Does anyone have a code for the One For All Kameleon 9960 for the HR20?
  9. Dec 3, 2006 #69 of 155

    Edmund Remote Master

    Apr 17, 2003
    Southern Ca
    There isn't a preset code, you can call and have Sat code 1377 loaded over the phone.
  10. Dec 3, 2006 #70 of 155

    TheMoose Icon

    Jan 20, 2006
    I use the Sony RMAX 4000, it works great on all my equipment.
  11. Dec 4, 2006 #71 of 155

    NCLou AllStar

    Nov 14, 2003
    I'm using the MX-500 I got from Newegg for about $75. I tried the cheapest Harmony the 628 and I didn't like it. Not enough actual buttons, and after a week of working on it couldn't get it exactly perfect. For my family, I need to have the buttons very specific, like I can't put the input switch on the info button for example, and expect them to remember it. Also, without true macros I couldn't get it to manage my home theater in a foolproof way for them. From what I hear, the higher level Harmony remotes do the job, but for the price the MX-500 has been perfect for me. The size and shape are a little odd, but otherwise it has worked out perfectly for everyone in my family.
  12. Dec 4, 2006 #72 of 155

    O2BRich Legend

    Nov 8, 2006

    I will give that a try...
  13. Dec 4, 2006 #73 of 155

    Gbsnplr AllStar

    Nov 10, 2006
    I use the Harmony 880.
  14. Dec 4, 2006 #74 of 155

    SParker Active Member

    Apr 27, 2002
    I have the 676 which I'm giving to my folks because I just bought the 880.
  15. Dec 4, 2006 #75 of 155

    Gmaxx Legend

    Sep 25, 2006
    I just swapped out my 3 week old Harmony 659 for a Harmony 670. I couldn't be happier with it. The buttons are very well laid out and are hard gem style buttons but are easy to press. It's also easy enough to use for my wife and 4 year old.
  16. Dec 4, 2006 #76 of 155

    nalapakj New Member

    Sep 13, 2006
    I've been using an MX-700 for a couple years now. They make a great remote with LOTS of configurable hard buttons. It's very similar to the MX-800 mentioned above.

    I just reconfigured it for my new home theater including the HR20 and it took about 45 minutes to do it all.
  17. Dec 26, 2006 #77 of 155

    bmachia AllStar

    Dec 20, 2006
    I'm thinking about buying the Harmony 880 to control my HR20-700. Can anyone tell me if 'Basic buttons', like 'LIST' are automatically available when the code is entered, or is there a-lot of learning that needs to be completed before the remote is usable?
  18. Dec 26, 2006 #78 of 155

    Spanky_Partain Active Member

    Dec 7, 2006
    I have not run across a command that was not already in the selection list of the Harmony 890. The 890 is the IR/RF remote. The "List" command does exist. Just need to pick an alternate button to put it on.

    I have seen threads that talk about more than one model to put in when setting up the Harmony remote and some of the defaults may not be what is expected.

    My selection for the equipment is "HR20-700" in the Harmony database and I have not found anything unusual.

    You may want to check ebay when shopping for this device. I purchased another Harmony the other day, 880, for $152 brand new.
  19. Dec 26, 2006 #79 of 155
    Ken Massingale

    Ken Massingale DBSTalk Club Member

    Nov 30, 2006
    'Most' of the basic buttons are on the 880, but List is not. It's very easy to make a custom label for List though, and the Learn process is easy. Use HR20-700 as the model for the DVR, I originally used HR20 and the database info was not too accurate.
    Basically, the remotes are shown side by side and you select the buttons on the DirecTV romote and a corresponding button on the 880. Below this section is the Custom section where you tell the 880 to Learn a button from the DirecTV remote. A wizard walks you theought the process.
  20. Dec 26, 2006 #80 of 155

    W9CDL AllStar

    Dec 26, 2006
    Harmony 880 here. It was a marriage saver. I started with the Harmony 659 and then went to the 880. Now the 659 sits by the wifes recliner and the 880 sits by mine. Both are set up identical. Granted she rarely uses the 659 and more often uses the 880. Still nice to have one at hands reach for both of us and also when one goes dead and needs recharging or a battery change. I guess the way to look at it is: Some call it laziness... I call it convenience...
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