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What Were the Survivors Thinking

Discussion in 'TV Show Talk' started by -, Mar 14, 2002.

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    After watching Survivor last night - I have only one thing to say - What was that tribe thinking?

    Only a bunch of total idiots would think:

    "We'll vote off the only guy that works, gets food, has any leadership experience, and has had survival training. Now that's a good plan!"

    I really like Hunter's comments at the end of the show. He said he would let the Red Cross know where the tribe was at so that when they ran out of food and water, they could be rescued.

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    "Hunter. Ug! Strong person.... threat to us.... we must eliminate the strong so that the weak can survive."

    12 Days later.... after the merge.... Jeff Proest goes, "Welcome to tribal council and the merged tribe. Since eight of you haven't been here before, here are your torches. Fire represents life, something that the former moronmu trible forgot...."
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    But you HAVE to expect some kind of twist next week. There is no way that show will hold an audience knowing that Rotu will continue to conquer week after week.

    Perhaps a switch like Survivor Africa, or something new. Hey, maybe they'll bring back all the survivors who were voted off to compete in a challenge against those who voted them off. Who knows?

    I would say that if the current trend were allowed to continue, Vocephia and Sean would be the only ones left at the merge. But then, they'll be the first two to go at that point. There is no way Sarah makes it to the merge with the bazillion votes against her already.
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    Mark Said,

    "Hunter. Ug! Strong person.... threat to us.... we must eliminate the strong so that the weak can survive."

    I assume that the game strategy have been pretty well ironed out over the years and it is more important to be Political than to be strong or useful. So in order to have a greater chance of winning, you have to get rid of the strongest first. Reverse Survival of the fittest, I guess???

    "The Weakest Link" is a perfect example of it, I saw one where 2 morons teamed up to oust a really smart guy from the game (because it was obivious the smart guy would win). But after the smart guy was off, the two morons just highlighted their ignorance as the game went on. I think they were battling over the smallest jackpot ever on the show because they couldn't get any additional questions right.

    Actually that sounds alot like Corporate America :D
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    I really pity any Rotu members that get stuck with the MORONmus...freakin' idiots - you don't go after the strongest members until AFTER the merge! I was sitting there just shaking my head in disbelief - can't believe how incredibly stupid they are.
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    I am surprised, I thought Hunter would be the one to win it all. But it may be a smart move getting rid of him so they don't have to worry with him beating them in individual immunity. As long as they don't vote off the chick with the big fake _____, I will keep watching.

    [Admin Note- edited for sexual reference]
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    Last night's episode truly showed everyone's true colors. My favorite line from the entire episode was by Sean, and I paraphrase:

    "I am not going to work all day long! I will rest and relax whenever I feel like it."

    I thought Gabe was going to flip out. Sean and Rob will be the first to go when the merge takes place.
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    Glad to see that the new Moronmu tribe had enough sense to vote off the person with the "personal floatation devices". Meanwhile, I think the worker ants at Rotu are none too pleased at their lazy additions.

    Pasquel is probably wonder what his wife is thinking.... being switched to a tribe that is literally all female.

    btw: Did anyone listen to the music during the immunity challange? Heh.

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