When is HD charge going away?

Discussion in 'DIRECTV General Discussion' started by djwww98, Nov 26, 2018.

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    Dec 7, 2018

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    "If AT&T really bought DTV to slowly dismantle it and turn it into a streaming service they made one of the most bone headed moves in business history! Five to Ten years from now they will be competing with numerous other players that are not nearly as greedy while giving up on a business that only has one other competitor" - I agree with your comment. The streaming only service is going to make your internet bill go sky high. If you use the service as an always on service. It will hurt internet service providers pockets. Usage of gigs will skyrocket. Have you seen DIRECTV'S lineup? They may save in installs and truck rolls. It will benefit them more than you. I don't think their streaming service will be better than their stand alone service. I am going to read up on how streaming only services are beneficial over Telco tv, cable and satellite. We know the packages are smaller and cheaper. But, you miss out on features and services you can't get with streaming. There definitely is going to be a difference! And back to your comment. AT&T is going to eat those words. More like regret them. They should be bettering DIRECTV and making it a service they are proud to provide. I still like the service myself. I just don't like some of AT&T's bonehead moves. You should be listening to your customers. Maybe taking our suggestions to your board meetings. Remember - your customers are your company. Our voice counts too...

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    I have used an IPTV service provider and I can tell you first hand that if you call the very first thing they tell you is that it's an Internet problem and you should call your ISP for help.

    If they take a page from the Nvidia shield TV they will just have an Icon that shows if your Internet is up or down. When you call they will ask you what the Icon looks like. Almost 98% of the time when it's not working the Icon is showing that the Internet is not working. I can assure you that they will make quick work of any call that involves the box not being able to see the Internet.

    They do not have that luxury with their satellite systems.
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    Feb 14, 2013
    Sure, it is easy for them to pass the buck and tell you to call your ISP and insist the problem isn't Directv's fault. It doesn't solve the customer's problem though, and if the problem goes unresolved the customer will cancel and tell all their friends that Directv's streaming product sucks.

    So yeah, it will save on CSRs - in the same way that a grocery store can save on cashiers by having too few so everyone has to stand in line for 15 minutes waiting to check out. They get frustrated and go to another one with better staffing. It is easy to switch grocery stores, just like will be easier to switch TV providers where there is no contract.
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    Answering those calls, even if all the CSR does is send the customer away to their ISP, still takes resources.

    BTW: I have a couple of local stores that understaff their checkouts. Perhaps they don't realize that sales drop when people can't buy stuff. At the worst times both stores have checkout areas littered with abandoned carts - most customers don't put things back before walking away. At the grocery those carts often contain perishable food and previously frozen food. Customers without carts at those stores will often set down whatever they have on any available surface. If those customers went to the store to buy a gallon of milk or a half gallon of ice cream or frozen meat that is what you will find on the shelves near the checkout ... usually warm. Hopefully that unprotected food doesn't make it back to the shelf. I usually limit my purchases in those stores to non-perishables.

    At the end of the day those bad stores have to pay someone to clean up the abandoned merchandise and should be taking a loss on the spoiled food. Perhaps that is cheaper than paying for more checkout operators.

    Satellite, cable and streaming operators have to make the same decision when it comes to customer service. Is it cheaper to staff a call center and loyalty department and give noisy customers a big discount on their service or have lower rates (and lower profit margins) for all? SiriusXM has earned the reputation of giving such deep discounts when a customer cancels that the customers who don't mind playing that game cancel regularly. I'd rather not play games ... just give me a fair rate.

    No commitment streaming subscriptions have too much competition. It is too easy to find another provider.

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