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Where's Bob

Discussion in 'Archive' started by -, Jan 5, 2002.

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    What ever happened to Bob Haller? Is he ok?
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    He's still around. From the sound if it, it's been a very busy time in the Haller household, but he pops in from time to time.
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    Well me and Jen both had baractic surgery, I have lost 110 pounds since July 23rd. Jen has lost 27 pounds since December 10, that works out to a pound a day! We have friends staying with us whos house was destroyed by a fire, and helping them keeps us busy. With running my business and hanging out a obesityhelp.com my life is VERY busy! Theres little news from E with the exception of locals but I am expecting some news on the 721 from CES. I would be here more if there were more hours in a day. Oh yes my computer crashed wiping out a lot of stuff. AOL 7.0 is a bug ridden mess. Some things DONT change, my DPs are as buggy as ever.... I added a secnd one I had laying around, because I think theres a free upgrade to 721 coming soon.... Well I can HOPE! Lots of other minor stuff by thats the highlights. Incidently Jen has been on disability for 6 months but is returning to work soon. Thats good, we are flat broke.
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    Hey Bob,

    Looks like you are back on your old account again. Right now you are using your account that was created back on July 5th. You have two accounts here. Do you want me to delete the one created on November 1st?
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    YES??? Ithat sounds fine although I have no explnation of how it happened!
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    Chris, I got and fixed what you emailed me about, my return mail to you bounced, for whatever reason. Thanks, bob
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    It probably bounced because whenever I send in e-mail through EZBoard, the return address is back to a non-valid EZBoard address.

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