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Which console?

Discussion in 'Archive' started by -, Oct 22, 2001.

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    Which do you most like? I say GameCube rules!!!
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    I was reading over at avsforums that the xbox will output HD? If true, I'd think that it would blow the other 2 out of the water.
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    I am a Microsoft Certified Professional and I don't trust anything from MS :p
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    I think it depends on how fun the games are. Specs don't mean anything if they put out junk games.

    Nintendo will be aimed towards the kids.

    And the PS2 and X-box for the adults. PS2 is here to stay along with Nintendo because of the kid games.
    X-box is the biggest risk of the three.
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    Oops, maybe not what you had in mind. :) >

    Nope, but it's still a really really cool sound board. If I'm lucky my wife will buy me one:) Nah:(
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    I was shocked, I went to the mall today with my wife and they had X Box Signs all over the place, so we were talking about them and she asked me if I would like one, I said I did, however I told her they are very hard to get I told her everywhere is sold out.

    She told me that if she saw one she would buy it. We went to Electronics Boutique to buy my 7 year old a Scooby Doo game he wanted and as we were checking out my wife say that they had an X Box on Display, she asked the guy if he had any, and he said Yeah and they are having trouble selling them!

    So I went home from the mall with a new X Box, the HDTV adapter and 3 games. That was a supprise buy! :)

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    According the the local newspaper those X-boxes are selling like hotcakes. There was reports of people camping out all night and one Wal-Mart sold all 63 units within an hour.

    Maybe EB had trouble because everybody was at Wal-mart, CC, BB, Target and all the other crap stores.
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    Last night I purchase HALO for my XBOX.

    I am not really a shoot em up kind of person but this game kicks major butt, it does not feel like you are plaing a shoot um up game instead it feels like you are in a movie and it is your job to get the movie done correctly.

    I have a HDTV (and I have the HD add on box for my XBOX) I must say that the graphics are breathtaking!

    I like this Halo Game and the XBOX too!

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    Are you going to get a Nintendo too? It's $100 bucks cheaper.
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    Do any of you know of an online sight that you can sign up to win one?
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    Here in the middle of nowhere both Xboxes and GameCubes are everywhere.
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    You can't find Xbox or Game Cube systems anywhere around here. The games themselves are selling like mad, so some people have them.

    :D I was able to talk Babbages into holding one for me. I guess it pays to be a regular customer. Just got it 2 days ago. Too bad I have to wait until Christmas to open it. I also bought Halo, Dead or Alive 3, and Shrek for the kiddos.
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    This poll is closed.

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