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Which DISH, switches do I need?

Discussion in 'General DISH™ Discussion' started by Chandu, Apr 24, 2006.

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  1. Chandu

    Chandu Hall Of Fame

    Oct 2, 2005
    I've been lurking around here for a couple of months doing a lot of research on DISH, reading opinions about the new MPEG-4 receivers etc. There is a lot of information to digest and I'm a bit of a newbie in the satellite world. I figured if I kept doing research, I would end up doing it for years without actually getting anything. Well, I've finally decided enough is enough and want to order some programming. But I'm still confused on what exact equipment should I be getting, since there is so much different information I've read, and my requirements are a lot.

    This is the programming I'm interested in:

    DISH HD Gold + South Asian international programming + Latino Bonus option pack.

    I'm NOT interested in getting any local HD channels from DISH. I've got that all figured out with my own ATSC tuner.

    I have a total of 3 HDTVs, but at a given time don't need to be watching HD programming on more than 1 of them. I think I'll use the DVR from DISH, meaning I'll need the DISH 622 receiver.

    If I did my research right, DISH 622 will allow me to watch only 1 HD program at a time. But it will allow me to record 2 HD programs at a time, correct? If this is the case, I think I'll be happy with either owning or leasing only a single 622. (Still haven't decided whether to own or lease, but that's a topic for another thread.)

    Now, the main question. Which dish do I really need? Will a single DISH 1000 will be able to receive all of the above programming I'm interested in?

    The part I'm most confused about is - do I need a seperate dish for international programming? What exactly is the significance of the "International Digital Home Advantage" or "International Free-For-All" promptions? They talk about receiving a SuperDISH through these promotions. If I have a DISH 1000, do I still need a SuperDISH for international programming?


    Do I need to have a phone line plugged into the back of the receiver to avoid some monthly fee? Is this true even if I may not order any PPV programming?

    Do I need to order any LNB switches? Or does a DISH 1000 take care of them?
  2. greatwhitenorth

    greatwhitenorth Godfather

    Jul 18, 2005
    Chandu, let me see if I can help...

    You didn't specify which South Asian package you were interested in. Some packages, though, expressly state that you need a SuperDish, while others do not. If it's not stated, I'm guessing you would get those channels of the 129 or the 61.5, depending on where you live. IIRC, if you are northeast of Pennsylvania or in South Florida, you would need the 61.5, as the 129 is "under the horizon". So, I'm guessing that the Dish 1000 (110, 119, and 129) will be all you need.

    For three HD TV's, that's a tough one. The DHA promotion allows for one ViP receiver leased per year. You are correct, the 622 only has one HD output, so you would probably need 2 more 211 recievers. You can purchase these outright from any retailer, EBay, or from E* directly.

    As far as the phone line plugged in, that is a requirement for all E* dual-tuner recievers, like the 622, to help prevent piracy. If it is not hooked up to a landline, then you will be charged an additional 4.99 per month, but the reciever will work fine.

    As far as ordering switches and the like, the installer will have everything you need when he comes to install. Or I hope he would at any rate, any professional installer would.

    Hope this helps, any other questions, I'd be happy to take a shot....
  3. BobaBird

    BobaBird EKB Editor

    Mar 30, 2002
    There are no intl channels on 129. The South Asian channels are all available from 61.5, 121 and 148.

    Dish1000 will get all the HD you are interested in, you will have to add a dish pointed to 61.5 or 148 for intl.

    SuperDISH 121 will get intl and your standard packages, you will have to add a dish pointed to 61.5 or 129 for the rest of HD.

    A Dish 500 with a dish pointed at 61.5 will get everything you want plus HD locals if you are in the Dish1000 exclusion area that gwn mentioned.

    Since you're already considering the 622 you may want to reconsider your stance on HD locals. If they're available in your area you will be able to record 3 at once (2 from sat, 1 OTA) and have guide data for the OTA channels.
  4. greatwhitenorth

    greatwhitenorth Godfather

    Jul 18, 2005
    I stand corrected, thanks Boba.
  5. Chandu

    Chandu Hall Of Fame

    Oct 2, 2005
    Thanks for the responses. I should have specified my location.

    I'm in the San Francisco Bay area - California. So, the exclusion areas for 129 don't apply to me.

    In my area, DISH is neither offering HD locals currently, nor will I want to rely on them when they become available. I already have the EPG data for locals available from my ATSC tuner. And as a fallback, I can also get them through a QAM tuner from Comcast. Both of these options are hooked to an independent DVR of their own. Spending extra $5 per month from DISH for so much redundancy is definitely an overkill I'm not interested in.

    So if I interpret Boba's message correctly, I should be ordering 2 dishes: DISH 1000 and Superdish 121? Is this an overkill in terms of cost, or should the international promotions lower the cost? If not, can I ask the installer about a cheaper option like DISH 1000 + a dish pointed to specifially at 148?

    Also how about the Latino bonus pack I'm interested in? Is that considered as part of the basic packages, and so DISH 1000 will take care of them?
  6. Fifty Caliber

    Fifty Caliber Banned User

    Jan 4, 2006
    The Latino Bonus option only requires Dish 500 for 110/119 coverage. You will be lucky to get line of sight for 61.5 as far west as you are.

    For HD coverage you will need reception from 129, for international 121 or 148. Your best option would be a Superdish 121 and a second dish, either Dish 300 or Dish 500 pointed at 129. You will also need a DP+44 switch to hook all of this up.
  7. nataraj

    nataraj Godfather

    Feb 25, 2006
    I'm in a somewhat similar situation - don't need Latino.

    A lot of the South Asian channels are in 121 & 148. But some are only in 121. I decided to get 121 so that in case I want one of those, I can subscribe.

    So, I asked for HD package and one of the channels only available on 121 (something cheap like AmericanDesi). Dish offered to setup a SuperDish plus an extra dish for 129. I think all the latino channels will come within SuperDish - so you probably don't need 148.

    BTW, you can get only one HD-DVR. For other HDTVs you need to just get a HD receiver ...
  8. Chandu

    Chandu Hall Of Fame

    Oct 2, 2005
    Thanks much for the replies. So, unfortunately it looks like I can't get away from more than 1 dishes. I'll now go look into a reliable installer in my area.
  9. The intimidator

    The intimidator AllStar

    Apr 14, 2006
    You will need a dish 1000 hitting the 119, 110, and the 129 bird for dish programming, and Hd. Then you will need a 121 superdish hitting the 121 Bird.
    Also will need a Dish pro plus 44 switch. I recomend you running the 622 tv1 to primary Hd tv. The tv2 to the second tv you want on the dvr.. And the third location either a 211 hd reciever if you want high def at this location. If not a standard 301.. Do not buy!!! take advantage of the digital home advantage promo..

    Or a 121 super dish 119,110,121- and a dish 500 with a dp dual hitting the 129 bird either way you will have two dishes
    And still need a dpp 44 switch to combine four orbital locations...

    With this combination one of your dishes will be smaller- I recommend this setup for you..
    Alot less hassel.. Not super fond of the 1000's yet. Need alittle more engineering in my opinion
    Plus alot of techs out there lack the experience to install the 1000 properly. They are really new.. only about five to six months old..
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