Which streaming is best? Amazon? AppleTV? HULU?

Discussion in 'IPTV Hardware' started by dmspen, Apr 16, 2019.

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    Now that GOT has started again, I am wondering which steaming box/service provides the best audio/video experience.
    Do they all stream 5.1 audio? Is one signal less compressed than another?

    I have available:
    Amazon Fire Stick
    HULU through Amazon or AppleTV
    AppleTV (non-4k)

    Anyone know these things?
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    You're really asking for 'best' of two different items:
    Devices (Roku, Fire TV, AppleTV, etc.)
    Services (Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, DIRECTV Now, etc.)

    The devices come in HD and 4K variants. The remotes/GUIs are different. Personal preference as to which one you like better.
    The services, which pretty much run on all the devices, are just like picking subscription packages from DIRECTV -- it is all about what you want to watch. Prime Video and Netflix both have 4K/UHD, but not all shows. Personally, I subscribe to Netflix, have Prime Video through my Amazon Prime, pay for MLB.TV and NHL.TV. Hulu account via phone plan (Sprint) and 'share' HBO Go through my daughter's account. Use mostly Fire TV and Roku along with regular downloads from Prime and Netflix to my Android Tablet for viewing while traveling.

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