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Who plans on buying a 721?

Discussion in 'General DISH™ Discussion' started by -, Jan 19, 2002.

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  1. Guest

    I am !! :)
    As long as it isn't to pricey !!
  2. Guest

    I'm going to be looking into them (assuming I haven't switched to a DirecTivo by then). If the price is right, I will get at least one.
  3. Guest

    I have one on order from dishdepot.com and will end up buying it.

    However I REALLY want a MOXI unit!

  4. Guest

    I was thinking about it but Ill probably end up with a 501, Ill be working 3 days next week since Ill have next week off from school and that should give me enough for a 501.
  5. Guest

    Steve, maybe the 501 price will drop when the 721 comes out?
  6. Guest

    Thats what Im hoping for, DishDepot has the 501 for $329 w/free shipping, I should make about $240 next week (after taxes, SS and all that other crap) and I already have a bunch of many saved up. Ill wait for the 721 to makes its debute before I buy the 501. I wish the 508 would be cheaper then $499, I would love the bigger HD but I cant see paying an extra $170 for just a larger HD plus a 501 would be a lot better then my current 2800. :)
  7. Guest

    I'll wait till after the Tech chat and then i'll probably put the preoder in at Dish Depot for the 721.
  8. Guest

    And hopefully this tech chat will have useful information, I already have a TV :p
  9. Guest


    Can't you get the 501 for $199 with AT150 and CC auto pay?
  10. Guest

    The special ends tommorrow, but I just found out yesterday that A friend of a friend works at Sears and can get me the 501 for cheaper then that, I should have my 501 on Feb 16 :) Cant wait, to say buhbye to my 2800.
  11. Guest

    I wouldn't pay a dime for it! Now if they would offer it as a trade in for my DP with no questions asked (as they should do if they're such a great 'customer service' company)
  12. Guest

    Hi Harry, Must be a frustrating time for you Dishplayer people, Dish Network is testing everyones patience with this unit at the moment. :(
  13. Guest

    Even after the Tech chat last night, we still don't know price and when it's going to be made available. :(

    I've decided to buy a 721, here are a few of my questions?

    1. What will be included with the 721?
    At a rumored price of $500.00, I would expect they come out and put it in.

    2. If you were me , would you just go ahead and preorder, or wait till they are made available ?
  14. Guest

    From my latest info the price will be $499 and an upgrade path from an older receiver like the DP or the 501 will not be made available until a few months after the release of the 721.
  15. Guest

    I believe these stories came out of CES but I am not sure. That certainly seems to be the common rumor.
  16. Guest

    Steve, the $199 offer has been extended if you still want it cheap. Don't know your current programming level, but for $41/month, it's a good deal.
  17. Guest

    FYI : I sent a email to Mark at Dish Depot, he has a Dish Tech. meeting scheduled to go to in April and said that when he expects the 721 to be released.
  18. Guest

    Ahh April, the Big Team Summit meeting at Disney World in Orlando Florida.

    A friend who is an installer asked me if I wanted to go, but I didnt have the money so said no thanks.

    Looks like a lot of fun, a big party with the B-52's.

  19. Guest

    My current bill is $51 so I meet that requirement, but it looks like I will get a 721 afterall.
  20. Guest

    I am actually looking forward to getting my 721 (so I can throw my Dishplayer out the Window!)

    I am sure the price will be around $499. The question is how much will the 721 Keyboard cost. I am sure I will want one of those too.

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