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Whole Home DVR & Samsung RVU Client

Discussion in 'DIRECTV Connected Home' started by MrRoarke, Jun 28, 2013.

  1. MrRoarke

    MrRoarke New Member

    Dec 15, 2006
    I looked around and haven't (yet) found the answer I was looking for. I've had whole home DVR for some time now, with two HR24's and everything worked fine; I could watch recorded shows between them with no trouble.

    I recently upgraded one of them to the new HR44 Genie and added into the mix a new Samsung RVU client TV. Setup is as follows:

    HR44 - Single coax in
    Home Connected kit box (forget what it's really called) - single coax in, single CAT5 cable (gigabit) to rounter
    HR24 - Single coax in
    Samsung RVU TV - Single CAT5 cable (gigabit) to router

    Going between HR24 <> HR44 works normally. I can play programs between them just as I would expect to, just as I could when I just had the two HR24's. My Samsung RVU tv however, can only watch shows coming from the HR44. It can see the ones off the HR24 listed, but whenever I try to play them back I either get a data packet error, or it acts like it's going to play, but then jumps to the end of the program and asks me if I want to save/delete the show.

    I tried switching the HR44 so that the CAT5 cable was connected directly to it and eliminated the Home Connected Kit, but that didn't make any difference (everything worked the same as so many people here have said that with the HR44 you can use either the onboard ethernet port or the external kit, just not both).

    So my question, is this normal behavior? or do I have a problem? Should my Samsung RVU client be able to access the recorded shows off of the HR24 or can it only work with the HR44?


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