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    May 27, 2020
    I just moved and the new house didn't have DTV before, so installer came, installed dish etc. I have an HR-44 and an HR-24, as well as mini clients and a wireless video bridge. At my old house, my swim was in one bedroom with a mini client, the HR-24 was in another room, and in the living room was the HR-44 with the wireless video bridge. Everything worked great.

    Here's my issue. At my new house, I am constantly getting an error message that my HR-24 has disconnected from the network. This message shows up on the HR-44 and on the HR-24 itself. The installer set up the HR-44 in the living room with the wireless video bridge and the in the other room he put the HR-24 and the swim.

    I tried swapping the locations of the HR-24 and the HR-44 and when I did that, the HR-24 stayed connected to the network without any disconnects. So when the HR-24 was with the wireless video bridge and the HR-44 was with the swim it worked fine. But when I switched them back as the installer had them (HR-44 with wireless video bridge and HR-24 with swim) I am getting the HR-24 disconnect error again.

    I'm not sure why this is, does anyone have any information that could help me? Should I call Directv and tell them what's going on, or is there a simple fix I can do myself?

    If it helps, when I originally had DTV installed in 2012 I only had the HR-24 and an additional receiver. I later added the HR-44 and kept the HR-24, so I believe the original swim count I had was 8. I know it wasn't anything more than ten but I can't remember the exact number. But the system is showing I now have a swim count of 22. Not sure if this helps or not, or if it's related in any way to the error I'm getting now.

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