Why a cinema connection kit AND a connected home adapter?

Discussion in 'DIRECTV Connected Home' started by flynn337, Mar 13, 2019.

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    First of all, I have a D* system that has been working fine for years. I'm about to add a C61K (and stop using the RVU in my old Samsung TV) so I was looking at my splitter for a spare coax port.

    This is what I see from my splitter:

    - HR54 (genie) (no ethernet connection; this is "by the book" for D*)
    - Connected Home Adapter (DCAU1R0-01) connected to my network
    - DECA Broadbasnd Adapter (DECABB1MR0-01), aka. Cinema connection kit, connected to my network
    - Wireless video bridge (I have a C41W in another room)

    I believe the RVU in the Samsung TV requires a DECA. But I'm confused why there is a second one... does that seem right?

    Can someone help me fix this setup, in preparation for losing the RVU and adding a C61K?
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    I'm not an installation expert by any means, but I can tell you what I have, and it works just fine.

    One cable comes down from dish to a 4-way splitter. My HR54 is connected to the 'red' output on the splitter. I have an ethernet cable from my router connected to my HR54.

    Cable two goes to my C61K, and cable three goes to my HR24.

    The fourth output on the splitter is capped off.

    That's it!

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