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Why doesn't dual out to HDMI and component work anymore on HR20-700?

Discussion in 'DIRECTV HD DVR/Receiver Discussion' started by brittu, Feb 2, 2011.

  1. brittu

    brittu Cool Member

    Apr 26, 2006
    Hi experts, I need help. We have two HR20-700s and a new HR24-500. We moved units around when we got the new receiver and whole home a few weeks ago. We had an HR20-700 in the family room and it ran component to a Samsung plasma and then HDMI through the floor to the exercise room next door. We moved the old HR200-700 upstairs where we'd just threaded HDMI through the wall to the bathroom -- assuming it would all work fine just like it had downstairs. It doesn't. If you turn the unit on and watch the HDMI in the bathroom suddenly the component in the other upstairs room stops working and vice versa. I swapped out the two HR20-700s thinking one was defective but it's the same thing. The only way you can get it to work is to disconnect and reconnect the HDMI - very annoying. What's going on? What do we do?

    The only think I can think of is that it doesn't like the long run of HDMI upstairs. It's got a 35ft standard speed cable from monoprice. I sure as heck don't feel like trying to get back up and across the attic again to replace it. Because of the copyright protection on a lot of the on demand shows it'd be easier not to have component and hdmi at the same time. So I thought I'd buy an HDMI amplified splitter but the message on Monoprice is a little weird "Note: With most models of Televisions both displays will need to be powered on for the splitter to function properly." That's not very practival for us. I really don't want another DVR in the bathroom - we just don't have the room for it.

    Ideas? Is there any other way to reset the output without always having to unplug and replug the HDMI? Would a splittler actually work if only one TV is on at a time? Would a splitter degrade picture quality?

    Help. Please.
  2. The Merg

    The Merg 1*

    Jun 24, 2007
    Northern VA
    Due to the copyright issues that DirecTV is required to follow now, you have unfortunately seen the consequence of that. As for having to power up both TV's with a HDMI splitter, it is possible that you will need to do that depending on the splitter and your TV's.

    - Merg
  3. cherry919

    cherry919 Cool Member

    Jun 25, 2010
    I'm curently using a Monoprice HDMI powered matrix switch (product id 5312) with a Sony XBR5 LCD and Samsung LED. It is currently splitting the output of an HR20-100, but it was previously connected to an HR21-200. (Also connected is a PS3 and my PC, but that's another story) It works flawlessly with both regardless of whether or not both TV's are turned on. I also used the Monoprice HDMI splitter (product 4921) in the same configuration (prior to adding PS3/PC) with the same results. The 4921 probably meets your needs.
    -PQ is perfect as well
  4. brittu

    brittu Cool Member

    Apr 26, 2006
    Thanks, Cherry, I'll give it a try. It seems like it has to be something with the particular HDMI cable I bought. The HR20 still works fine split downstairs and the new HR24 works fine in the same spot with both component and hdmi at the same time. I think if it was some kind of RMA issue that setup would stop working too but maybe I'm triggering RMA somehow upstairs only.

    I've got an older JVC projection LCD and a JVC flat panel LCD upstairs, maybe the splitter will work with it. I'll buy one and see.
  5. joed32

    joed32 Hall Of Fame

    Jul 27, 2006
    I have had that happen but only on a few programs. All other programs still work as they did before.

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