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Discussion in 'DIRECTV General Discussion' started by rcodey, Aug 28, 2019.

  1. rcodey

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    May 28, 2007
    Win back called me last week with an offer to restart service in my second home . Part of the offer was free premium movie channels for 3 months . The following day I received my confirmation email and noticed the free premium channels was missing from the programming section . The other parts of the offer were there including free Sunday Ticket .

    I called Directv about the missing premium channels and the rep told me they are in your account and I just need to call after installation to have them added . The rep could not explain why they were not included in the email . Is this the way they handle such situations ? Should I be concerned ?
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    Yes, anytime you don't have it in writing you should be concerned.
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    That doesn't sound right at all.. You have to call after your installation to have them added?? Once your service is installed/activated, they should already be on your account without you having to call in. I would call the win back department and ask them about it to make sure. If it's not showing it in your email, that's also concerning. You could have it installed and not have them show up, then you go to call in and they try telling you there's nothing they can do or they don't see where that is documented. Call the win back department and verify with them that the premiums are on there for 3 months as you didn't see them listed on the email you received. Also have them leave a note on your account stating all of the premiums were offered for 3 months and accepted. Do this before your service is installed.

    A good direct number to get you to the DIRECTV winback department is 619-752-1401. This number handles pending disconnect/disconnected accounts for people who haven't yet been switched over to AT&T. If they say you've been switched over to AT&T, they will transfer you, otherwise they will take care of you.
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  4. rcodey

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    May 28, 2007
    I called the 619 number and the rep said there was nothing he could do and he wanted to switch me to the regular Directv line . I told him the regular reps were of no previous assistance and asked him to cancel my order . Not an impressive way to win back a customer .

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