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Windows XP Update

Discussion in 'The OT' started by -, Oct 8, 2001.

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    LOL! But this is also something that should be taken seriously. As good as Windows XP is, I HATE PRODUCT ACTIVATION!
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    I ordered my copy of Windows XP HE Upgrade over a month ago and woke up and got a big surprise: it came today via UPS. I thought that the operating system wasn't supposed to arrive until the 25th. Now....if you haven't gotten your copy yet and will soon, be careful about opening because there is a folder in the cardboard box and it has the CD in the middle without the usual jewel box. The CD key is printed on the back of the folder. This is what I have done: I took a jewel box that didnt have a CD in it, put the WIN XP Cd in it, and write the key on the cover of my jewel box.

    I havent installed XP yet. I am waiting till Monday when I will have my PC Guru assist me. I am going for a "new installation", which means everything goes off the hard drive. The main reason is that I have Norton Systemworks 2002 and its been recommended by Symantec that if you have Win98 and NSW 2002 is installed, it will not work. The only workaround is to reformat the hard drive or do it the XP way...choose "New Installation" and the hard drive will be formatted and then XP will be installed.
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    I think Windows XP is the greatest thing ever after using Win 95 all these years.
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    Computers and electronics stores are going to open their doors tonight at midnight for those who want to be one of the first to grab a copy of Windows XP.

    Will this be as successful as launch of Windows 95?? I dont think there will be as much as a rush to get the software than there was in 1995 with Win95. I was one of the first to grab a copy as I ordered mine via online store.

    The install was nervewrecking because it was a long long install session. When you do upgrade, count on a 76 minute install. Some people may encounter a much longer wait. If you have 64 MB of RAM or even 128 MB of RAM, you may have a 100 minute install. Microsoft says that the more RAM the PC has, the shorter the install time is. I have 384 MB of RAM and I had a 76 minute install.....imagine how slower it will be with lower RAMs. Also, make sure you have 2 GB of available hard drive space for XP.

    What do I think of XP? I think its 100 times better than Win95/98. It detected most of my hardware flawlessly. Make sure you have a Plug and Play modem because my old non PAP modem was not detected. I had to switch modems to get one that was detected. Most of my software is in running order....except MusicMatch Jukebox, Norton Systemworks 2002 (had to uninstall and reinstall) and Quicktime 5.
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    I've been seriously thinking about picking up XP but I'm not too crazy about the amount of hard drive space it uses. Right now I have Win98 working fairly stable and I hate to "rock the boat". Is this upgrade really worth the money and trouble?
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    I'm not planning to upgrade. I'm still running 95B on some of my computers, and 98 on one, just so I could use ICS. I'm not going to spend $400 to put XP on all of them. When it comes time to buy some new computers, then I'll run XP.
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    If you feel that time would be wasted by upgrading, then there's all the proof you need. What works for me doesnt mean that it work for you. I am the type of computer user who would want the latest thing. However, I am getting at the point in my life where I will have to change my mind about my PC philosophy. I bought a state of art (then) back 2 years ago and it was the best money could buy back then. It has 500 Mhz, Pentium 3, 13GB hard drive, and 384 MB of RAM (it had 128 MB back then). I have gone through 4 upgrades now with this PC: Win98 SE, Linux Mandrake 7.1, Win ME, and now WinXP Home Edition. I dont know if my PC can handle another big upgrade and imagine what Microsoft can do to followup with a monster bigger than XP. XP is a monster of a upgrade..probably 5 times bigger than Win95 altogether.

    When I went through the XP upgrade and I saw literally the PC struggling even to get the upgrade installed (I saw numerous times of where the install appeared to be stalled, but I was wrong. It took at one time.....a minute on the install time took almost 20 in real time). This is a 500 Mhz PC and it was rough....Geez...I wonder what it would have been like if I had a 240 Mhz PC and went through the same upgrade. Id probably have a nervous breakdown if that happened. I have another PC in my house and I know that it would have died a nasty PC death if I tried to install WinXP.

    So....if you feel that your time would be wasted and/or you feel that your PC wouldnt survive the upgrade, then stick with what you've got. You could always point out that you dont wanna be a Microsoft guinea pig. Now...wheres that carrot I was munching on a few hours ago? :D
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    I'm a junkie. I can't pass up a new Windows, especially when Staples is giving away memory, software, and your choice of 4 options, such as a digital camera, CDRW, networking equipment, or a Palm 100. Granted, not the latest and greatest stuff, but still, it makes the $99 price tag on XP a lot more attractive. I'll be there at 7 AM tomorrow! :D

  10. Guest

    Yes, I found out that Microsoft has already issued a Hot Fix (Service Pack 1) for Windows XP Home and Professional today. One thing I did was disable the option where Id have the updates auto downloaded to me. Id rather have control over my PC and get the updates the old fashioned way.

    One thing I am happy about: Service Pack 1 for XP isnt like it was when I had NT 4. Ahhhh....the days where those updates were 30-50 MB each. I think the total for the whole pack in XP pack was about 20MB, but it varies on each PC and some may end up downloading more and some less.
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    Well, I was in Best Buy today and almost picked up a copy of XP. I am like you Brian R. I always seem to want the latest and greatest. For some reason this time though, I passed it by at least for now.

    What scares me the most about this upgrade is the compatibility problems. I plan to load XP from scratch and build the partition while I still use Win 98 on another partition but what about after I'm done? If some of my most used programs don't work with XP, then I will have to go out and spend more money on newer versions of stuff that already work now with Win 98! Do you see my dilemma? It seems that if I load Win XP, it will cost me more than just $99.

    JB did mention the deal at Staples which is pretty tempting so I plan on looking into that. I guess I feel that if I'm going to take the risk, I want to get something out of it. The Staples deal seems to be my best shot.
  12. Guest

    Okay, the Staples deal was too hard to pass up. This is my first post with a fresh installation of Windows XP. Today we drove about 50 miles to the nearest Staples store and picked up the operating system, the free Sony CD-RW drive and the free CD-R's (with rebate of course).

    The installation went pretty easy and took about 45 minutes. Right now I'm running a dual boot system with Win98 while I build my WinXP partition (loading programs and such). Will post more later after I play around a little more. So far looks good!
  13. Guest

    I love XP! The release seems as stable as the last beta if not more so! Have not had a crash yet. And the registration thing was easy too.

    I am going to install it on another PC on my network to see what happens then.

  14. Guest

    I am really impressed so far with XP. I love the ability to switch between different users and still keep programs running. If you leave your email open, the login screen will notify you as each user gets new mail, as in user JB has 3 unread emails. Way Cool!

    I haven't had time to try out the CD-R burner program, but am anxious to try. Unfortunately, I don't think it will take the place of CD Creator, oops, I mean Roxio.

    Install went smooth, but I did kinda screw up one thing. I did a reformat on the drive I was going to place XP on. But like Win2000, XP requires an OS before you can install. Well, at least my upgrade version anyway. So I had to reinstall a barebones Me before installing XP. Oh well, at least I did a reformat to wipe everything else. Then I went ahead and did a new install rather than upgrade.

    The overall look and feel of XP is pretty cool. A decent change from 95,98,Me. But I think the blues are a little to harsh for me. I may have to experiment with colors some.

    Have I really gained anything by going to XP? Hard to say, but I don't really think so. I already had CD-R software, and a better movie maker. But if XP is as stable as everyone says, I say it will be well worth it.

    There's my .02 review, worth less than .02 I should say! :)

    Oh yeah, I went with the digital camera offer at Staples. I already have a CD-R, a Palm and a LinkSys cable router. Well, I have a digital camera also, but my daughter has had a lot of fun with her new toy. :)
  15. Guest

    I've had it for almost a month and have no complaints. I got it the first week of October when they put it on the new PCs. It's light years ahead of Win95 that I was using.
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    I did find out that my CDR software is incompatible with XP, so I will have to wait till Roxio comes out with its updated XP compatible CD burning software. MusicMatch Jukebox and Quicktime 5 were also found to be incompatible too.

    So..for the time being....I cannot burn Cds.
  17. Guest

    Well, I've had a good solid week playing around with XP and I have to give it two big thumbs up! This has got to be one of the best consumer operating systems we have seen from Microsoft yet. Excellent features and blazing speed. My throughput from the internet is about 10 times faster giving me an average of 300K per-second. Navigating the windows is much faster than Win98 and the new start menu, while a little confusing at first, is a welcome change.

    Upon loading all of my applications, I haven't ran into any incompatabilities except one. Roxio's CD Creator Platinum. Fortunately there is already an updated driver available at their web site. After I loaded the new driver, the program worked great.

    I like the security features of XP. Having logon passwords and individual settings for different users is great! Just like Win NT and 2000. I also really like how quickly you can switch between users and how fast the whole system boots.

    Installation was interesting. I figured out real fast that on a multi-boot system in order to do a clean install, you have to free up a partition on the hard drive and format it as FAT32. Then make that partition the only active primary partition on the system. Then when the installation begins, XP converts it to NTFS and loads the system. If you don't do it this way you end up with WinXP attached to the other Win98/SE/ME partition that was active at the time of installation. Everything will still work and you will be able to dual boot but the XP partition will be "attached" to the Win98/SE/ME partition making it impossible for XP to run without having the other partition active. Of course, if you run the upgrade option, all of this doesn't apply. Oh, and in order to do a clean install, you must have a copy of Win95/98/SE/ME handy.

    So far I'm pretty happy and will recommend this upgrade to anyone who runs regular applications. I haven't tested any games yet but I don't play games on my main partition. I usually run those on a "throw away" Win 98 partition that I can afford to lose if it crashes.

    BTW, I've heard that the product application feature in WinXP has already been cracked. I've also read that after 4 months the activation code gets dumped at Microsoft so theoretically you should be able to install Win XP on different computers every 4 months and still be able to activate the software.
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    I have had XP for about 2 weeks now and I have to say that its the best operating system I have used, IMHO. I even went ahead and tried out their MSN Internet Access using MSN Explorer. The only problem for me was that my CD Burner software was so old, it was incompatible with XP. I got a different CD Burner software and also Norton Personal Firewall because those are mandatory (especially if I want to not have a useless CDR still installed). I personally like MSN Internet Access, but have to connect via TCP/IP through AOL because MSNIA does not have a local access number in my area. (No toll calls for me!!). MSNIA offers a 3 month free deal, so I couldnt resist. I was interested in a MSNIA subscription for years, but you know why I couldnt join: no local access number!!
  19. Guest

    Chris -

    Why would your cable modem speed increase with XP? That doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me. Speed shouldn't be limited by the OS but by your connection I would think.

    Brian -

    Why is Norton Personal Firewall mandatory? I'm assuming that it's got nothing to do with getting your CDR to work.
  20. Guest

    I thought about the same thing but remember that there are tweeks to get your cable modem to work faster. Has to do with packet handling and such. Apparently WinXP has a better set of tweeks.
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