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Windows XP

Discussion in 'The OT' started by -, Sep 24, 2001.

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    I hear that this is going to be good in the press. However, people are talking bad against it. What is it with the activation that people are complaining about?What about its security? Is it true that we won't be able to upgrade software and hardware without their permission. Confused!!!
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    I hear complaints by many about the drivers. If I get a new system with XP then I assume this won't affect me?
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    I wrote about it a little in the thread on who makes the best PC. More detail:

    The BAD:

    "Product Activation" - major changes in hardware will require Microsoft's permission!

    The ability to remotely turn off drivers - Mcrosoft says they will only use this to keep you from running unstable drivers. They can just as easily use it to make you use hardware they make money off of (WHQL) and I wouldn't be suprised if they did that. Most hardware is WHQL anyway

    Security? I don't think Microsoft will ever learn that word! LOL

    The GOOD:

    Much more stable and faster than 9x kernal based Windows (95,98,Me) - yet not as good as Linux 2.4 series kernal. About equal with previous OSes based on NT kernal.

    Cuter than previous Microsoft OSes (but not competitive with MacOSX, or Linux with the right window managers)
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    I have been using XP for months now and I have only priase for it. It has been ROCK SOLID and instead of having to reboot my machine a few times a day I now do not have to reboot it for weeks (if not months)!!!!!!!

    Now to me that is SOLID!

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    My company has just finished their W2K Pro upgrades so any new PC with XP gets wiped amd W2K Pro put on (or better it gets ordered from vendor with W2K Pro). Having just come out of the IT consulting industry, I have seen many companies in the same situation. So it may be a year+ before the many corporate users get XP (even if getting a new machine).

    The majority of new XP users will probably be those why buy new home machines and XP comes with it (or the upgrade coupon)
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    What is the danger of the remote option in it?

    What do you guys think of the Gateway 700 model?
  7. Guest

    They all seem like very nice machines. Looks like excellent gaming machines and have enough firepower to handle future software for the next couple of years.

    What do you want to do with the machine? It may actually be overkill for many people. But if you have "A need for speed" the prices to feature ratio is pretty good.

    The 700XL deluxe makes my mouth water, everything I could possibly want for $2600, and in the past my dream machines always cost more than $3500 :D
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    "What do you want to do with the machine?"

    Serf the net and play a few games. I want to be able to play new games for awhile to come.
    I ordered a Dell 4300 but cancelled it since gummybear is against it and then I seen just average
    reviews on ZDnet. Not sure what to get. I'm also afraid to get XP since it's new.
    The 4300's ram is sdram and makes the CPU slower I guess. The 700 uses rdram.

    "Which Model 700?"

    I forget. It's the one in the first row second one down with the Small Business Software. I then upgraded it in a few spots. I found it odd that going to a 64 meg video card from a 32 meg card for only $35 a bit weird. What's up with that? Also, what's better, a usb mouse or ps/2?
  9. Guest

    As you can guess my from statements here, I don't think that Gummy's recommendations are accurate for most people, if for anyone but himself.

    The Dell is a fine machine and it may have been a perfect match if not the 4300, then the 8100 (or is it now the 8200?) But the ZDNET review does hold some weight.

    But going with the Gateway 700 series is just as good as the Dells mentioned here, so lets go with that.

    THe difference in video card from the 32MB basic to the next level being $35 isn't that big of a shock since video memory prices and such have gone down in price.

    I haven't used a USB mouse or Keyboard, so can't answer that.

    It is tricky to "Buy for the future", but the machine you mentioned is as good as anything for keeping up with that. You might consider going for the 2.0 GHz, but is it worth the extra $460?

    I haven't been playing any of the state of the art games (but still some of the newer ones) and my PII/450 with 256MB and 16GB HD and 16MB video card still do the games justice (but of course I can't have highest quality video turned on in the game)
  10. Guest

    Could somebody address the differences between rdram and sdram?

    Also AMD is in bad shape. Gateway will phase them out.
    The Gateway Select 1400 looks good but doesn't come with XP and has the sdram.

    So I may decide between the 1400 and 700. Not sure which to pick. The 1400 is cheaper but will the 3-400 bucks for the 700 be a better deal in the end?
  11. Guest

    Why RDRAM® (on the 8200) is better than SDRAM (on the 4300 and 2100)
    RDRAM allows you to spend less time waiting since it can load a new stream of data before the previous stream has completed


    From Crucial.com


    Bascially RDRAM is more efficient because it takes better advantage of the resources available (less waiting, etc)

    When I first looked at the RDRAM systems when the P4 just came out, the price of RDRAM was really expensive and made it not very cost effective (like going from 256MB to 512MB was $800, now it might be $160). But the prices have dropped making SDRAM obscenely inexpensive and RDRAM much more reasonable.
  12. Guest

    I'v been looking into boosting my PC up to 384MB of RAM. Curretly I have 128MB. My PC used SD PC100.

  13. Guest

    I know that I bought a 128MB PC100 DIMM from Crucial.com for $19 and FREE SHIPPING.
  14. Guest

    I had to do a BIOS upgrade to get my PC ready for XP because it was updated earlier than the year 2000. My recommendation is to go to PCWorld and use a XP ready test from PCPitstop.

    I would recommend the Microsoft test that they have on their XP homepage, but its about 50 MB and only shows whether or not you are ready for XP Pro, not XP Home.
  15. Guest

    transponder, I just installed a PC133 DIMM I bought from Crucial for $19.79 - free shipping. Ordered saturday, got here today. As for the Gateway 700, I'm about to look at some options and come back with some suggestions for you. If you're fairly new to computers, definately get a Gateway (even though they don't have Athlons anymore:( :( :( ). If you feel comfortable however, building is better and it's pretty easy. I'll post back with some suggestions in a few seconds.
  16. Guest

    YAY!!! it looks like Gateway is still (at least for now) selling AMD systems. I just found a link. They did issue a press release saying they were slowly getting rid of them but:(
  17. Guest

    Suggestion # 1 (AMD Based system):

    Gateway Select 1400
    $999.00 $1289.00 1 $1289.00

    AMD Athlon™ 1400MHz Processor with New Performance Enhancing Cache Memory

    Floppy Drive
    3.5" 1.44MB diskette drive

    Multi-function Keyboard

    Gateway Micro-Tower Case

    Expansion Slots
    3 PCI and 1 4X AGP

    56K PCI Modem

    Operating System
    Microsoft® Windows® Millennium Edition with Windows® XP Home Upgrade Coupon

    Application Software
    Microsoft® Works Suite 2001 - Including Microsoft® Word and Encarta

    Limited Warranty Program
    3 Year Limited Parts / Labor / Lifetime Support

    Option Packages
    CL Package: 64MB NVIDIA™ GeForce2 MX400 AGP Graphics with DVI and TV Out, SoundBlaster Live! and 10/100 Ethernet Card ........[ +US$120.00]

    Speaker Option
    CL/CV ONLY: Boston Acoustics BA735 Digital Speakers w/Subwoofer ........[ +US$40.00]

    256MB 133MHz SDRAM (Limited Time ONLY)

    Hard Drive
    40GB 7200RPM Ultra ATA hard drive ........[ +US$40.00]

    CD-ROM or DVD
    16x/48x DVD-ROM Drive and Recordable/ReWriteable CDRW ........[ +US$80.00]

    EV700 17" Color Monitor (15.9" viewable area)

    Logitech USB Optical Wheel Mouse and Gateway mouse pad ........[ +US$10.00]

    Internet Service Provider
    1 Year America Online Internet Access

    Suggestion #2 (Intel System):

    Gateway 700C
    $1069.00 $1504.00 1 $1504.00

    Floppy Drive
    3.5" 1.44MB diskette drive

    Multi-function Keyboard

    Gateway Mid-Tower Case

    Expansion Slots
    5 PCI and 1 AGP

    Integrated Ultra ATA Controller

    Network Adapter
    10/100 Ethernet Card

    Application Software
    Microsoft® Works Suite 2001 - Including Microsoft® Word and Encarta

    Anti-Virus Software
    Norton 2001

    Intel® Pentium® 4 Processor 1.8GHz

    256MB PC800 RDRAM

    Hard Drive
    40GB Ultra ATA hard drive

    16x/48x DVD-ROM Drive and Recordable/ReWriteable CDRW ........[ +US$130.00]

    64MB NVIDIA™ GeForce2 MX400 AGP Graphics with DVI and TV Out ........[ +US$35.00]

    Video Capture
    None Selected

    EV700 17" Color Monitor (15.9" viewable area) ........[ +US$180.00]

    Sound System
    SoundBlaster Live! Value with Digital Audio Output ........[ +US$20.00]

    Boston Acoustics BA735 Digital Speakers w/Subwoofer ........[ +US$40.00]

    Logitech USB Optical Wheel Mouse and Gateway mouse pad ........[ +US$10.00]

    56K PCI Modem with 1 year America Online Internet access ........[ +US$20.00]

    Operating System
    Microsoft® Windows® XP Home Edition

    Limited Warranty Program
    1 Year Limited Parts / Labor / Support

    BTW - DEFINATELY get the USB Optical Mouse! I bought one seperately (I've had it before I owned my "new" Gateway) I love it! It works great and has no ball to clean!
  18. Guest

    Nice systems, I would choose the P4 option. Im looking into an optical mouse, I make a date with my current mouse at the first of each month for a cleaning. BTW Aaron, does it say how many watts the Boston Acoustics Speakers & Sub are? Im wonderin' if they are in competition with Klipsch.

  19. Guest

    For buying memory I love their memory finder app. Other sites may have similar apps, but finding what memory to buy is so easy there. And the prices don't hurt either.

    Of course you want to know going in what memory you have. 1 out of 3 slots with a 128MB DIMM requires different purchase plan than if you had 2 out of 3 slots with 64MB each. The path to 384MB RAM would be a little different (hate to toss good memory to the side) :D

    Too bad they don't sell RDRAM, yet :(
  20. Guest

    Steve, they don't COME CLOSE to any Klipsch speakers! I don't know the eact technical specs, but I know how they sound. It's not even competition!
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