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    Apr 2, 2019
    I have the SK3005 on the roof with a 8 channel ms. for years its not had a problem getting 101, 119, 99, and 103 sats. Recently it will not tune the 99 sats in. I can go up on the roof and move the dish about 5 degrees and get good numbers. I talked with Winegard and they say the dish needs replaced. I found a newer SWM3 dish for sale and went and bought it. I bypassed the 8 channel ms and went to a 21v inserter from the 29. It tuned to 99 no problem. the next day it has lost the odd transponders. I re-peaked it and still numbers are low on the odd transponders. swapped out the LNB with a brand new one. Same results. I put the old SK3005 on a table and hooked up the AIM meter too it and let it find the satellites. Aim shows it locked on to 99 and it would not do that when on the roof. My roof is level. I am looking for any suggestions. The only pieces the 2 dishes have in common is the 6 pin wiring from the IDU to the ODU. Could a wiring problem with the 6 pin Control wire cause an aiming issue? I just cant find much information on these things. any suggestions are appreciated.

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