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    A friend of mine is trying to get his internet connection to his media room. His router is in the laundry room (large room, well ventilated) & he is using wireless for the pc's & cell phones. He wants internet for his TV (for firmware, & such), for his DirecTV box (for VOD, etc), & for his Xbox or something. Anyway, his media room is not wired for internet & he would prefer not to run cable. He wants to know if there is anything that would pick up the wireless signal from the router & pass it through using a wired connection. This would be kind of the reverse of wireless. He wants to have something that can get the wireless signal & he can plug into it with wires for his equipment. He doesn't want to buy wireless adaptors for the TV, D* box, etc. Is there any such thing? I'm thinking no.
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    No switch needed! Media equipment connects to this (nice 1ft cables are all that is required) and the box connects direct to the already in place and installed wireless router. Right now I have four of them around the house, one in the games room for the XBox 360, one in the bedroom for the TV, Blu Ray, and the Western Digital Live TV HD and the DishNetwork VIP722K and another one for 2 desktops and yet another one in the living room for the Samsung Plasma, BluRay and DishNetwork VIP622.

    The Western Digital Live HDTV is a useful piece of kit (http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produ..._re=western_digital_tv-_-22-136-472-_-Product) you can send any video file on any of the PCs straight to the TV. Very Cool.

    They are also both very easy to setup and secure!
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    Thanks, y'all -- I've passed these on to my friend.
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    You can also look at getting a wireless router (I use Linksys WRT160N) and flashing DD-WRT firmware onto it. You can then reconfigure it to be a wireless bridge, but you have 5 ports now to hardwire devices into it (4 LAN + 1 WAN, which can be turned into a LAN port). It will also work as another access point for your wireless devices. You can get a refurbished one on-line from Amazon for under $40 shipped.

    - Merg

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