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wishlist without autorecord

Discussion in 'DIRECTV Tips and Resources' started by georgekaplan, May 5, 2007.

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  1. georgekaplan

    georgekaplan New Member

    May 5, 2007
    I'm looking into moving from my DirecTV Tivo 250 to the DirecTV non-tivo model involuntarily (my current unit is failing). What I most fear is losing the wishlist functionality.

    From perusing this site and others, it appears that there's a claim that the wishlist is on this unit search with autorecord. I've even got a in-law who installs the machine and insists that autorecord = wishlist. But is there anyway to mimic my tivo functionality of having a long wishlist (hundreds and hundreds of film titles) NOT set to autorecord (once a week I search my wishlist and then manually decide what to record - this prevents many problems with autorecord like recording the wrong thing (e.g., the wrong version of a film) or not recording the right thing cause it's out of space).

    Can this be done with the DirecTV non-tivo unit? It's my main way of using my unit, and something I really, really don't want to lose.

    Thanks for you help.
  2. Spanky_Partain

    Spanky_Partain Active Member

    Dec 7, 2006
    Welcome to te Forum...

    A search list can be used to accomplish this task. Although I am not familiar with the Tivo, I may be wrong on how I am interpreting your question.

    I am confident you will get an answer. However, you may want to copy this question into the thread HR20 Q&A at http://www.dbstalk.com/forumdisplay.php?f=112. This particular forum does not get the traffic that the Q&A forum does.
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