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    There has been a limited amount of posts dealing with TV History..I thought it would be kind of neat to look at the history of a "lost channel" as it were..WKST/WXTV 45. Originally licensed to New Castle, Pennsylvania at it's 1957 sign-on date as an ABC affiliate. . The city of license was moved to Youngstown Ohio by late 1959..by early 1960 the station moved down the dial to channel 33. Call letters changed to WYTV in 1964. WXTV replaced WKST on channel 45 from sometime in 1960 till at least December 16, 1962. The following are 3 sample 45 schedules, WKST Nov. 21-27 1959
    WXTV Dec. 3-9, 1960 and WXTV Dec. 16, 1962 (Last day of TV Guide Listings)..The following highlights how hard it was for a small market UHF independent to make it in the early 1960's..

    November 1959 WKST 45 ABC

    Saturday 11-21

    5PM All Star Golf-ABC
    6PM Duffy's Tavern
    6:30 Command Performance
    7PM Cisco Kid
    7:30 Dick Clark-ABC
    8PM High Road-ABC
    8:30 Leave It To Beaver-ABC
    9PM Lawrence Welk-ABC
    10PM Jubilee USA-Red Foley-ABC
    11PM Movie-Shoot First-1953

    Sunday 11-22

    3:30 Championship Bridge-ABC
    4PM Paul Winchell
    4:30 Kingdom Of The Sea
    5PM Matty's Funday Funnies-ABC
    5:30 Roy Rogers
    6PM Film Short
    6:15 Salvation Army Show
    6:30 Flash Gordon
    7PM Our Miss Brooks
    7:30 Maverick-ABC
    8:30 Lawman-ABC
    9PM Rebel-ABC
    9:30 Alaskans-ABC
    10:30 World Of Talent-Dick Clark-ABC
    11PM Movie-Destination Moon-1950

    Mon.-Fri 11-23/27
    2PM Day In Court-ABC
    2:30 Gale Storm Show-ABC
    3PM Beat The Clock-ABC
    3:30 Who Do You Trust?-ABC
    4PM American Bandstand=ABC

    Early Evening/Primetime

    Monday, 11-23

    5:30 My Friend Flicka-ABC
    6PM Movie-Redhead from Manhattan-1943
    7:20 Ohio Story
    7:30 Cheyenne-ABC
    8:30 Bourbon Street Beat-ABC
    9:30 Adventures In Paradise-ABC
    10:30 Man With A Camera

    Tuesday, 11-24

    5:30 Rin Tin Tin-ABC
    6PM Abbott And Costello
    6:30 Trouble With Father
    7PM Jeff's Collie (Lassie)
    7:30 Sugarfoot-ABC
    8:30 Phil Silvers (Bilko)
    9PM Our Miss Brooks
    9:30 Phillip Marlowe-ABC
    10PM Alcoa Presents-ABC
    10:30 Keep Talking-ABC
    11PM Movie-He Walked By Night 1948

    Wednesday 11-25

    5:30 My Friend Flicka
    6PM Movie-Kid From Kansas 1941
    7:30 Court Of Last Resort-ABC
    8PM Charley Weaver-ABC
    8:30 Ozzie And Harriet-ABC
    9PM Hawaiian Eye-ABC
    10PM Golden Circle-Salute To Record Industry-ABC (pre-empts Boxing)
    11PM-Movie-Run For The Sun-1956

    Thursday 11-26

    5:30 Rocky And Friends
    6PM Movie-Smith Of Minnesota 1942
    7:30 Gale Storm-ABC
    8PM Donna Reed-ABC
    8;30 26 Men (Real McCoys-ABC)
    9PM Pat Boone-ABC
    9:30 Untouchables-ABC
    10:30 Take A Good Look-ABC
    11PM Wrestling

    Friday 11-27

    5:30 Rin Tin Tin
    6PM Abbott and Costello
    6:30 Trouble With Father
    7PM Honeymooners
    7:30 Walt Disney-ABC
    8:30 Man From Blackhawk-ABC
    9PM 77 Sunset Strip-ABC
    10PM Detectives-Robert Taylor-ABC
    10:30 Home-a-Rama
    11PM Movie-Sabaka (English 1955)

    December 3-9 1960-Source:TV Guide
    WXTV 45 Youngstown Independent

    Saturday December 3

    6PM Star Showcase-Drama
    6:30 Susie-Ann Sothern
    7PM Movie Ghost Town-1955
    8:30 Ellery Queen
    9PM Tiger By The Tail-English 1957
    10:30 Movie-Ghost Town 1955

    Sunday December 4

    6PM Star Showcase
    6:30 Cannonball
    7PM Movie-Running Target 1956
    8:30 Stage 7-Drama
    9PM Movie-Monte Carlo Story 1957
    10:30 Movie-Running Target 1956

    Monday December 5

    6PM Hawkeye (Mohicans)
    6:30 Ramar
    7PM Movie-Monte Carlo Story 1957
    8:30 Stage 7
    9PM Movie-Running Target 1956
    10:30 Movie- Monte Carlo Story-1957

    Tuesday, December 6

    6PM Hawkeye
    6:30 Ramar
    7PM Movie-Bandido-1956
    8:30 New York Confidential
    9PM Movie Spring Reunion 1957
    10:30 Movie-Bandido 1956

    Wednesday, December 7

    6PM Hawkeye
    6:30 Ramar
    7PM Movie-Spring Reunion 1957
    8:30 Susie
    9PM Movie-Bandido 1956
    10:30 Movie-Spring Reunion-1957

    Thursday December 8

    6PM Hawkeye
    6:30 Ramar
    7PM Movie-The Showdown 1950
    8:30 Charlie Chan
    9PM Movie-Shanghai Story 1954
    10:30 Movie-The Showdown 1950

    Friday December 9

    6PM Hawkeye
    6:30 Ramar
    7PM Movie-Shanghai Story 1954
    8:30 Man From Interpol
    9PM Movie-The Showdown-1950
    10:30 Movie-Shanghai Story 1954

    Friday, December 16, 1962 (Last TV Guide listing)

    5:45 Dusty Boyd-Children
    6:15 Camera 15
    6:30 45 Hop-Music
    8PM Movie Sheriff of Las Vegas 1944 William Elliott Bobby (Robert?) Blake
    9PM Movie-Fighting Kentuckian John Wayne, Oliver Hardy
    11PM Trial At Tara-About St. Patrick Standing Trial for converting Druids to Christianity

    As time went on, channel 45 had a harder time acquiring Syndicated shows..and had fewer movies as indicated by the many repeats during the week.. There were also cheaply done local shows..Channel 45 remained silent until 1973 when WNEO-PBS Licensed to Alliance, Ohio came on the air.I had no idea at the time there was ever a channel 45 in NE Ohio or that a channel was licensed for the area..
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    If you are interested in television history, visit:


    This guy runs a local broadcast museum, LPFM, and is restoring a 1949 Dumont Telecruiser that was owned by WFAA Dallas. Be sure to read the KTVE story. KTVE was a small UHF in Longview, TX that was on the air from 1951 to 1955.

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