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    Dec 27, 2006
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    I noticed that the guide data for WRC (NBC, Washington) is no longer available for me. I usually receive it OTA (currently not able to get it because they are running at low power). Right now, the guide says "WRC is no longer available. We are working with the owner to make the new NBC station in your market available."

    In the uplinks section, I noticed this and I'm assuming this has something to do with it:

    New Uplinks / Mappings - Channels Available
    5152 LOCAL (4 HD Local) CARRIAGE DISPUTE added to 61.5° TP 8 (HD Harrisonburg, VA market Hidden) AVAILABLE OTA Mapping (4-01) - DRM - VOD Link - xED Network Name: nbc VOD Network Name: nbc
    6652 LOCAL (4 Local) CARRIAGE DISPUTE added to 110° TP 9 (SD Harrisonburg, VA market Hidden) AVAILABLE DRM - VOD Link - xED VOD Network Name: nbc

    Uplinks Removed
    5152 WRC (4 HD Local) WASHINGTON, DC (NBC) SV* removed from 61.5° 18s52 (MD/PA) (HD Harrisonburg, VA market Hidden)
    6652 WRC (4 Local) WASHINGTON, DC (NBC) SV* removed from 119° 5sB16 (Philadelphia) (SD Harrisonburg, VA market Hidden)

    Why am I getting this on the OTA listing? It looks like it only applies to Harrisonburg, VA and I'm in the Baltimore market.
  2. James Long

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    Apr 17, 2003
    DISH left the OTA EPG tied to 5152/6652 instead of creating a standalone EPG channel. The message is intended for people in the Harrisonburg market. You should have WBAL in your market. It looks like WSVW is testing to replace WRC in Harrisonburg.

    DISH needs to remove the OTA EPG flags to avoid problems in the DC market.

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