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X-10, For the electronic gadget guru

Discussion in 'The OT' started by -, Feb 14, 2002.

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    How many times have you seen these annoying pop up ads from them? For the first time I went and checked this place out.
    WOW....they have alot of stuff, I had no idea.

    X-10 home automation systems, including modules, switches, bridges, controllers, remotes, software and troubleshooting.
    Take a look !
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    A few months back Scott posted a link that will give you a cookie that will elimiate the X10 pop ups for 30days. Now every month I goto this link and I never see the ad a again. Moving to Potpourri...

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    Thanks, Steve and Scott :)
    Even my Pop Up Killer can't keep up with there new ones.
    Cookie seems to work well.

    I couldn't believe it, I finally clicked on a pop up ad and was quit surprised with the assortment of gadgets they have.
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    While I hate the ads I must admit the X-10 stuff is cool.

    I have X-10 throught my house. I can control any light in the house from my living room or my bedroom.

    I have motion detectors in the bathroom that turn on the lights when you walk in the door, it then shuts them off again after your done in there.

    In my living room / theater I have it programmed so when I press the wireless wall switch it puts the system in movie mode, it dims the lights and turns off the slot machine. When movies done I hit the button again and the lights come back on (Fade up) and so does the slot machine.

    Im my sons room (He is going to be 8 next week) I have placed spacial outlets in his room. With these outlets I can kill all the outlets in the room with the push of a button. This way if hes bad, or his playing video games instead of doing his homework, I just press a switch and no more video games or television.

    My wifes grandmother was very sick but refused to live in a nursing home, she wanted to be in her own place. I purchased an X-10 "Ive Fallen and I can't get up" unit which was only $40, if she needed help she squeezed her pendent she wore around her neck, when she did this a bunch of things happened. 1) the unit called 4 telephone numbers and played a recordinig letting them know who was calling and that she is having problems to send help, it included her address and other info. With a push of a button on the listeners phone they could actually turn on a MIC to see if they could hear what was going on. It also turned on all the lights in her house and a loud siren blaired from the speaker which was to help get attention to others in her building.

    She used it a few times, and I believe it saved her life each time she used it. The emergency personel were impressed with how the unit worked and were even more impressed with how little it cost.

    Im my bedroom, it is also X-10 wired. The lights are all on X-10 units and I can control the lights on and off and I can dim or birghten them. I also have a fan and the air conditioner hooked in. Via a special wireless control panel I can turn everything on and off from my bed. (The lazy mans way) In the summer its great on the hot nights and I fall asleep with the AC on, only to wake at 3am to be freezing, now instead of getting out of bed to turn the unit off (or just to freeze and stay in bed) I just reach up and hit the button the the wireless unit.

    I buy all my X-10 stuff from www.smarthome.com they have a bigger selection of X-10 stuff then X-10 does on their website. And the prices are not bad.

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    I've definitely got to go check it out, I'll take a look at smarthome. I've got some trouble with my 6 yr. old leaving the lights on at night, yes he has a night light in his room to. Sounds like some cool stuff Scott. :)
  6. Guest

    I looked at their web site and they do have some pretty cool stuff. I also noticed that the mini timer is the same unit that is sold at Radio Shack. I have 2 of them controlling the outdoor lights (front porch and American Flag) and some of our indoor lights.

    BTW: A little off the subject. I really hate it when people leave their flags out at night without proper lighting. Drives me crazy and is very disrespectful to the flag.
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