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  1. Sports Programming and Events
    Our practice with a DTV DVR has been to tune in sometime after the game starts to watch the entire game on our TV from the beginning. We cannot do that with the Amazon Prime Thursday Night Football stream. I enabled recording of the entire TNF season but the recording isn't available until after...
  2. Internet Streaming Services
    This has been mentioned elsewhere on this board, but it's reportedly closer to reality that Amazon Prime will broadcast a NFL game on Black Friday, beginning in 2023. This has been stirring in the rumor mill since April, but new reports from John Ourand state with some added confidence that...
  3. Miscellaneous Equipment
    As I am getting ready to cut the proverbial cord, I have been looking around and have found lots of options to do one thing or the other. My goal is to have a single box and common UI for playing most/all content, Amazon, OTA DVR, Netflix, Hulu+, Vudu, etc. Unfortunately, I'm thinking that this...
1-3 of 3 Results