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  1. DIRECTV General Discussion
    I had Directv installed at my house a week ago. I have the HS17, 1 wireless mini and 2 C61K boxes in my setup. I have an audio popping noise issue on both of the 61K clients. If you do the 30 second skip it pops when video resumes, changing channels will produce a popping sound sometimes...
  2. DIRECTV General Discussion
    Setup: Genie 2 (HS17-100) 4K Genie Mini (C61K-700) Samsung 4K TV The audio keeps cutting in/out only on the the 4K channels. Just seemed to happen in the past few days. Contacted DTV and they were unaware of the problem. Anyone else having this issue? Thanks!
  3. DIRECTV General Discussion
    I am not sure what thread this might belong in so I'll start it here. Does anyone have a Samsung 4K TV and the new Genie 4K hookup? I have a Samsung un55ks8000 and when I plug the HDMI into the hub's primary input I am having an issue with sound (and sometimes video) blanking out. I have...
1-3 of 3 Results