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  1. TV Show Talk
    "The story is told". Sniff Last season will start an 8 episode run in January, 2016. http://www.multichannel.com/news/programming/cinemaxs-banshee-end-season-4/392594 Peace, Tom
  2. DIRECTV Programming
    Question - I have a lot of recordings from HBO, Cinemax & Showtime on my HR44. If I were to drop any of those channels from my programming lineup, would I still be able to watch those existing recordings? Or does some permissions settings change on the DVR, rendering them useless?
  3. DIRECTV Programming
    I recently noticed R-rated movies at all times of the day in the programming guide for MovieMAX (channel 521), I haven't seen any articles stating any changes but I know when the format change on 6/1/2013 was made (a little over a year ago; from WMax to MovieMAX) they were maintaining a format...
  4. DIRECTV Connected Home
    Didn't see this posted but you can now use the iPod/iPad app for Fox News and the iPad app for Fox Business. You have to have the channel in your package.
1-4 of 5 Results