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  1. Cable TV Discussion
    PROBLEM: Many channels not available on 2 set top boxes, but ok on other two. FOC RF Quality low issue? Provider: Spectrum TV (Central Florida, used to be Brighthouse Cable) I have 4 set top boxes, 1 digital adaptor box and 1 cable modem in my house. I use an outside splitter for individual...
  2. DISH™ High Definition Discussion
    When I had my kitchen remodeled, maybe about 10 years ago, I had coax cables run from the room where my Dish receiver was located to a couple of mounted TVs. Since then 2 things have happened. 1) I switched to a Hopper 3 & Joeys. 2) My cousin got me an HD tv to replace an SD one. What I am...
  3. DIRECTV HD DVR/Receiver Discussion
    Hoping you experts can chime in here. -- Moved my HR54 to a different location this morning; a location that had my 4K Genie Mini, which worked perfectly fine in that location; -- Connected the HR54, went through setup, received 775 errors - cannot communicate with satellite; -- Checked...
  4. Internet Streaming Services
    I'm on slow DSL service, aching for Cable (fiber doesn't serve my neighborhood). My house is 406 feet from the Comcast box at the street. I'm dying to connect but can't seem to get *any* response from Comcast. I'm willing to trench and install conduit, but I will need confirmation from Comcast...
  5. General Satellite Discussion
    i just got new high speed internet/cable/fiber put in from IMON, local provider. i have 2 directv dishes on poles in yard i am taking down. question is: what do i do with the wires? do i just cut them and leave them on ground next to pole or cap them or what?
  6. DIRECTV Installation/MDU Discussion
    I just noticed that the coax from my dish is not grounded. I understand that by code they should be grounded as close as possible to the entry into a building. On October 4, I was upgraded by DirecTV to a SWM setup. The previous 4 cables remain in place all the way to the LNB, although only one...
1-6 of 6 Results