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  1. Hopper System Support Forum
    Need some install/conversion help. I live in the woods and need two separate dishes to pick up Sats 110, 119, and 129. Right now I have one dish pointed through the trees at 110 and 119 and a separate Dish 500 pointed at 129. I have 4 coax's coming from these two dishes going into a DPP44...
  2. DISH™ High Definition Discussion
    I operate a number of ViP211k, ViP211z, and Wally receivers off of a single Western Arc DPP 1000.2 dish. 3 lines from the dish feed to a DPP44, then to a DP34, then another DP34. Let's call the outputs of those 1-12. Output 1 from the DPP44 is being powered with the power inserter. This setup...
1-2 of 2 Results