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  1. Internet Streaming Services
    Fox in Talks to Acquire Free-Streaming Service Tubi for Over $500 Million (Report)
  2. DIRECTV General Discussion
    Once again the battle between local stations and DirecTV. In Raleigh, NC area last night we lost WRAL (CBS) and WRAZ (FOX) due to pricing. Never heard a word about this ahead of time from either the local stations or DirecTV. So unless it gets fixed soon, no NFC or AFC championship games this...
  3. Cable TV Discussion
    FOX NOW for Roku now available for Comcast customers "The FOX NOW channel on Roku has been very popular and we're happy to report that Comcast customers can now also get in on the action by linking their Xfinity accounts. This is in addition to already supported providers, including AT&T...
1-3 of 3 Results