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  1. DIRECTV General Discussion
    hope some people can help me... I am about to order Directv (for the first time) for my house - with 2 HDTVs and plan on getting the genie for DVR purposes - are there any specific receiver boxes I should get, or ask for - or suggestions that would make it easier to use one of the boxes to...
  2. DIRECTV General Discussion
    Do you subscribe to baby first tv? Do you have HD or SD only service?
  3. DIRECTV Programming
    Is there a free preview of HBO, Cinemax, Starz, Showtime, Sports Pack this weekend, 12/16-19? I've looked around here and the DirecTV site and have not found any info on this.
  4. General DISH™ Discussion
    it putting an ehd on 211k free or 39.00 or is it only free for 612/622/722/922.
  5. DIRECTV Programming
    i wanted to know what happened with ESPN2 in widescreen now its back to fullscreen?
  6. DIRECTV Installation/MDU Discussion
    Is there anywhere that lists compass directions for 99,101,110, and 119 for a given location. I am in East Texas. Or do I just use 101, and figure slightly left and right and more right for 119 (how many compass degrees from 101 is 110 and 119). Right now I cannot get 119 (which has my...
  7. DIRECTV HD DVR/Receiver Discussion
    I have an HR21/700. Since the 0x40d firmware, I have noticed that all On Demand downloads are marked with a blue "K", for "Keep". I do not believe that this was the case with previous firmwares. While I realize I can remove the "K" marking, I would rather that the downloads not be...
  8. DIRECTV General Discussion
    I have a multi-satellite dtvp3 dish in the garage. Is there anyway I can set this up to get HD channels (also NFL) while I am camping? I assume the answer is no but thought I would ask. I also have a spare 5 lnb that was taken off my slimline dish - any way to use this on the multi...
  9. DIRECTV Programming
    I noticed the other day that instead of continuous plugs for PPV programming DirecTV has changed channel 100 to offer an alphabetical listing of their channels! And you get to listen to "The Pulse" from XM while looking for your favorite channel. Good job!!
  10. DIRECTV HD DVR/Receiver Discussion
    Does any body with a HR22-100 able to see music and pics. on their menu list . I am connected to a home network and I can download VOD . Just don't see the line as an option when you push the menu button. I'm using WMP 11 which sees the hr22-100 as DirectvMediaShare Renderer,
  11. DIRECTV HD DVR/Receiver Discussion
    Is there any difference between the 2? Is 1 more optimal then the other?
1-11 of 12 Results