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  1. DIRECTV HD DVR/Receiver Discussion
    I have a HR44-500 on our main tv and then have a HR22-100 in my bedroom. This morning around 4am we started hearing what we thought was a honking of a car but in the morning realized it was the HR22-100. We timed it and it beeps twice every 5 minutes. I then hit the reset button and after 30...
  2. DIRECTV HD DVR/Receiver Discussion
    Hello, does anyone know if a HR22-100 reciever is compatible with a 18 x 20 oval dish, multiswitch, with 3 LNB's?? Thanks, Mike
  3. DIRECTV HD DVR/Receiver Discussion
    Hello, I was looking for some advice about upgrading my three HR22-100's to a SWM system. I also want to use my outside antenna, and have all the units conected to internet. So far I have: DirecTV SWM8 Multiswitch w/power supply DirecTV 8-way Wide Band Splitter for SWM LNB DirecTV Broadband...
  4. DIRECTV General Discussion
    How does this work? Does it work for .mp4 video playback? Any setup guide? Can I use windows media center and add the HR24 as an extender?
  5. DIRECTV SD DVR/Receiver Discussion
    I have an R15-300 that will lock up if the signal gets too weak and I am trying to record a channel. If I catch it in time I can stop the recording and it seems to work OK. If not, I have to reboot to restore functionality. Is there a different SD DVR model with more robust software that can...
  6. DIRECTV Connected Home
    After I get my current install fully working, I plan to add an un-supported switch in my family room to piggyback the other connected AV devices in my entertainment center through the DECA to see if results are better than the wi-fi connections or the highly inconsistent powerline ethernet I...
  7. Forum Support
    Safari 4.0.5, OS X 10.6.3 I've had this problem intermittently in the past and always been able to resolve it by logging out and logging back in. However, this doesn't seem to be working, or at least, not working as long as it used to. In the past, the problem might occur about once every 4 -...
  8. DIRECTV Installation/MDU Discussion
    Hello here is my dilema I am a former FTA user with 4 satellite dishes on my roof and would like to know how they can be used for Direct TV. I have no problems aiming the dishes...it is how or what swithes I would need to use to get HD Direct Tv. I think I have a direct tv phase 3 dish but...
  9. DIRECTV General Discussion
    I had a R22 installed today and I have it hooked up to the Internet for on demand programmingthrough the ethernet ports and I was wondering can I order PPV movies this way and it shows up on my bill or would I need a phone line connected for that? thanks. Andy.
  10. News
    DIRECTV - DIRECTV iPhone App makes Top 10. here Sling.com- Delivers Premier Tennis Content. Press Release and discussion can be found here. dish NETWORK - DISH Network® Announces Expansion Of Local HD Markets, Satellite Provider Now Offers HD Locals in 130 Markets Covering 89 Percent of U.S...
1-10 of 11 Results