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  1. Local Reception
    http://www.tvfool.com/?option=com_wrapper&Itemid=29&q=id%3d51340757ba508b Moving there and want to put up an antenna. Im looking at: Antennacraft 1850 Channelmaster cm5020 Clearstream 4v Winegard hd8200u And possibly a cm7778 preamp Antenna will be mounted on a 36' max mast. Im only looking to...
  2. DIRECTV Connected Home
    When DirecTV installed my SWiM16 they ran grounding wires from the Slimline dish to the 16. They left my 8 way splitter in place that has a ground wire run to the house electrical ground There is nothing but RG6 connecting the the 16 and the splitter. Should the 16 also be connected to ground?
1-2 of 3 Results