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  1. DIRECTV HD DVR/Receiver Discussion
    Hi All Just got This Recievier Replaced recently from HR24-100 to HR24-500 due to the previous one was overheating, even in over air shelf below our main/dead DLP 65 Inch Mitsubshi Television, so temporarily using a another tv on a stand in front of the 65 inch, anyways when try to change...
  2. DIRECTV Connected Home
    after several days of uninterrupted bliss with my new FiOs router (NEVER BUY D-Link Routers, D-link made 3 attempts at replacing my defective DIR-825 and each one got worse. Long story D-Link sucks)\ Anyhow Suddenly my HR24-500 which is connected to the internet with network services running...
  3. General DISH™ Discussion
    anybody knows if i can have both DN and DTV feeds run through the same cable into my room? Now that DishNetwork dropped CSNCA i need DTV to provide me with CSNCA. I want to keep my DN box set up ( i have a deal with DN that i don't want to loose) but also want to set up DTV dish on the roof and...
1-3 of 3 Results