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  1. Hopper System Support Forum
    I recently upgraded to the Dish Hopper system that consists of the main unit in the living room ( Hopper3 ), a coax connected Joey unit in the basement ( Joey 3.0 ), and a wireless Joey in the bedroom ( WiFiJoey ). The main Hopper unit has two ethernet connections. The top ethernet port goes to...
  2. Hopper System Support Forum
    I have read the other thread on using a Nighthawk WiFi router to replace the access point for wireless joeys. http://www.dbstalk.com/topic/213379-wireless-joey-access-point-netgear-help/ However, I would like to accomplish a bit more than was described in that thread and want to know if anyone...
  3. DIRECTV Connected Home
    I have been running a directive system with a DECA network for almost a year and have used it to get an ethernet connection to the other side of my house using a broadband deca by the router and a deca with a power supply to get the internet out of the deca network and into my second router...
  4. DIRECTV Connected Home
    I will be purchasing a new router for my house. I currently have an old Linksys. Am wondering what routers out there work best (i.e., speed and ease of setup) with Directv whole home DVR and GenieGo. I couldn't find this topic previously addressed on this forum via the search.
  5. DIRECTV Connected Home
    I can't connect my 2 hr24 dvrs to the internet. I do not have whole home My setup: I have comast cable, this is plugged into a comcast modem. the modem is connected to a netgear wnr2000 router. I have connected the dvrs to my home network with powerline adapters. Since I don't have a phone...
  6. DIRECTV Programming
    $55 for the SD version of Wrestlemania 26? As The Miz would say... Really Vince? Really? Really? Weren't special event PPVs like $39.95 a few years ago? Boy, that inflations a b*tch :D. Only thing inflating around here is Vince McMahons wallet.
  7. DIRECTV General Discussion
    I know I read on here somwhere a while back that there was in fact a department that can order specific reciever models. Does anyone know? Im looking for a R22 or would be interested in a HR20 as well. Curious if there is truth to this or if its just a myth.
1-7 of 7 Results