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  1. DIRECTV HD DVR/Receiver Discussion
    Last year, I used a manual recording of "WHITE SOX BROADCAST" to get recordings of all the White Sox home team broadcasts in the 700 range for MLB EI. This year, it doesn't work. I've tried re-doing the setup with broad and narrow categories. There is no 'match'. Is this method working for...
  2. General DISH™ Discussion
    Hi guys, I researched the forums and learned that CSNBA might be available on an alternate channel in HD for Hawaii. I also looked at the links provided by James Long (Thanks bro!) and the uplink doeesn't say they working now. However, the game finder says that the Warriors and Giants games are...
  3. General DISH™ Discussion
    I had Dish network two years ago, and the regional sports networks would broadcast in SD. They would turn on the HD feed when a baseball or hockey game would come on. Do they still do this, or are the RSN full-time HD now ? Thinking about switching back, but not if they are still PT. Thanks...
  4. TV Show Talk
    Dramas Hawaii Five-0 and Blue Bloods, dramedy The Defenders and comedies Mike & Molly and $#*! My Dad Says. No surprises here given the fact that those happen to be the five most-watched new series of the season and 3 of them, Hawaii, Mike & Molly and $#*! also rank as the top three new series...
  5. TV Show Talk
    Monday night I watched 2.5 new shows. I also watched a couple of returning shows. Bottom line after sampling one of the new shows I stopped it half way through and deleted the timer too. I'm on the edge with the Chase & Mike & Molly to where I'll give them another chance. House with Cuddy's...
1-5 of 5 Results