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  1. DIRECTV General Discussion
    I am going to attempt to hookup this system in my RV. I have a AGPtek signal meter finder as well. Its my understanding that the dish needs 18v power to find the satellite. Do I need a power inserter? The H25 only has a sat in port so there is no voltage coming out.
  2. DIRECTV General Discussion
    Ten years ago I bought the Winegard SK-3005 Trav'ler for stationary HD DirecTV. It was great. I just bought a new RV, and it seems that the Winegard Trav'ler (SK-SWM3 now) is still the only mountable HD solution for DirecTV in RVs. It's just too big for my new Class B+. Any other solutions on...
  3. DISH™ OTA Support and Discussion Forum
    I have a brand new 2018 Coachmen Concord and it came with a Wally receiver, King Tailgater satellite antenna, and a King Jack OTA antenna, without an auto signal finder. My question is: Are these the devices I can purchase for an RV? I want to increase my chances of great OTA, satellite and...
  4. General DISH™ Discussion
    For a camper that runs on 12v, I am wondering if I can find a diagram of the power supply inside so I can avoid using an inverter & connect the DC power inside the receiver directly to the campers 12v batteries. (I'm obviously assuming it uses 12v power, it may use less or more, but that's still...
  5. DIRECTV General Discussion
    I currently have an HR44 Genie, an HR24, and 2 Wired Genie Minies. I'm purchasing an RV that will have 3 TV's (Living Room, Bed Room, and Outdoors). Through help from another thread, I've learned that the best approach for the RV is to bring the HR44 with me as I travel, and utilize Wireless...
  6. DIRECTV General Discussion
    I just purchased a Travel Trailer (my first ever RV!) that has two inputs, one for Cable, and one for Satellite. At home I have an HR44 and HR24, plus two Genie Mini's, with a Slimline Dish. I plan on purchasing a portable slimline dish on a Tri-pod. My camper has two TV's, plus the ability...
  7. DIRECTV General Discussion
    Am I allowed to have all used receivers with an RV account? Or do I need at least 1 new & leased one? Or is it something else?
  8. DIRECTV Programming
    Is there a way to get all the DNS channels (389 to 399) for your RV? Even the Los Angeles feeds as well as the New York ones?
  9. General DISH™ Discussion
    Was there a reason they did that? Why couldn't they keep national NYC/SF network feeds for RV-ers?
  10. DIRECTV DVR with TiVo Discussion
    It doesn't even have to be for the VOD part of it. But at least for the software updates. (I ask this because I might consider RV-ing with the Tivo)
  11. General Satellite Discussion
    At least on DTV. It would be a nice thing to have, since most in-motion dishes don't work too well from what I hear.
  12. Hopper System Support Forum
    This is a real dilemma. I really want to upgrade to a Hopper 3 because even with two Hoppers (original--like first release) in the house, we find we run out of tuners on occasion. The dilemma is this: When I take our motor home out, I remove the bedroom Hopper and a Joey for use in our motor...
  13. DIRECTV Installation/MDU Discussion
    I Live in New Orleans, LA and recently purchased a RV. My current account is the basic package with HD and local channels. My receiver is a HR24-500 My questions are: 1. What type of Dish do I need to purchase to be able to watch in HD along with my local channels? 2. How should I point my...
  14. DIRECTV General Discussion
    Hello, I need some help in setting up a tailgate setup with my DirecTV equipment. I have either an H24 or H25 receiver to use, hoping to use the 24 as it is much smaller and more manageable. I have a SlimLine dish on a tripod, and have just ordered a DIRECTV SL3-SWM SlimLine Single Wire Ka/Ku...
  15. DIRECTV General Discussion
    Let's say someone had a regular residential account (w/ local channels), & they get a camper that they want to install D-TV on. Can they get DNS on that RV while having the locals at the residential address?
  16. DIRECTV Installation/MDU Discussion
    I recently purchased a Motorhome with the Directv Trav'ler SWM3 installed on the roof. At my permanent home I have a Slimline 5 SWM with several HR-24 Receivers. In the past, I used a Directv 18" Dish with a tripod to view SD content on an owned DVR R10 that I would call and activate before...
  17. DIRECTV Connected Home
    I am new to the forum so please excuse my ignorance. I have recently switched form cable to Direct TV HD with Genie at my house. I have a barn on my property and an RV. I contacted Direct about adding a Standard Difinition receiver/dvr to my account for the barn (also to be used in the RV) and...
  18. DIRECTV General Discussion
    My wife reminded me that I put up my first dish in 1996! I moved the account from that house to a motorhome we lived in full time for a couple years. It had an automatic tuning and tracking $1800 antenna from KVH. 7 years ago we bought a condo to live in as well. DirecTV was happy to add...
1-18 of 18 Results