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  1. DIRECTV Installation/MDU Discussion
    I would really like to do the install myself but after several phone calls with supervisors it does not look like this is going to happen. Is there a way around this or is the supervisor correct? If that is not possible then my next question is about the install. I do not want any holes drilled...
  2. DIRECTV General Discussion
    What we've got: 3 LNB SlimLine SWM8, circa 2008 two 2-way splitters blue-insert F couplers two HR24-500 HR21-200 HR20-700 PHONCON with D* stating that we are eligible for a free Genie upgrade What we...
  3. DIRECTV Connected Home
    I just called D* to get a quote on switching my service over from cable. Some of you might remember me from a few years back. I have moved to a new location that has a very good whole house cable installation, but zero D* equipment. The quote I received included a free Genie, and a wired...
1-3 of 3 Results