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  1. DIRECTV Installation/MDU Discussion
    I am interested in getting directtv. Huge sports freak in the Philly area. Im sure we all know about the issues with the Philly RSN. Been waiting 10 plus years for that to get resolved. If I get DirectTv installed using a Genie and minis, SWM setup obviously, and use my moms address as my...
  2. DIRECTV Programming
    search of KA LIL markets show the 4 expected New KA LIL markets active! Uncertain how many channels or when they will actually launch, but here's what's available. Network 630: LiLs NOTE 2 17/00 0064 0065 "NOTE" "tv:3708.ch" *WJMN 3 1/11 1010 1011 "*WJMN" "A3 Marquette 03 WJMN...
1-2 of 3 Results