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  1. Legislative and Regulatory Issues
    I live in Bucks County, PA (Newtown PA to be exact) which is about 60 miles south of NYC. MANY of my neighbors including myself travel to NYC for work on a daily basis. We would all benefits from having some local NYC channels (FOX, ABC, WPIX, WWOR, etc.) so we are aware of any travel delays...
  2. General DISH™ Discussion
    I recently had a VIP 222k installed and the remote control for TV2 would not work properly with the receiver when used in a room about 25 ft away from the VIP. A replacement remote control is being sent to me in the next few days. If the new remote control cannot sent a strong enough signal to...
  3. DIRECTV Installation/MDU Discussion
    I have a Sat Signal problem and have NO clue whats wrong. My set up is as follows: HR23-100 HR20-100 Standard Def Reciever 5LNB Slimline Zinwell MS6X8WB-Z Multiswitch Last week Sat signal strengths dropped to "0" on some Sats. SInce that time I have bought and installed a New 5LNB Slimline...
1-3 of 3 Results